Christmas Pro-Life Conversation Guide

About this time of year, Planned Parenthood r eleases its annual "Guide to 'Dealing With Difficult' People" during the holidays.  And who might these "difficult people" be? Pro-lifers, of course!  I thought to myself,  wow , Planned Parenthood actually had a great idea. Well, they had the inverse of a great idea, anyway. Pro-Lifers should have their own Holiday Guide to Dealing with Pro-Choicers!  ... And it should include a healthy dose of  A Christmas Story  GIFs ...  Being on the right side of the abortion debate is very important. Our relationships are also extremely important.  Building Relationships is KEY! Except in situations of imminent death, we always need to focus first on building the relationship. If you're not in relationship with someone first, it's hard to convince them of anything.  This is especially true with millennials -- check out my interview of Father Josh Johnson for more on the subject of millennials!  Read More December 19, 2018

All the Amazing Things about Our Lady of Guadalupe: The Essential Guide to Our Lady of Guadalupe

I feel like there's always something new and amazing to learn about Our Lady of Guadalupe. It's unending! So, despite the title of this article, we're probably just scratching the surface of what's knowable about the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. But what makes the image so special? Yeah, it miraculously appeared on the cloak of a Mexican peasant. That's pretty special right there. But there's so,  so  much more! Here is just a sampling of the 18 Amazing Things about Our Lady of Guadalupe: ●   There are people reflected in her eyes; ●  She survived a bomb untouched; ●  There is a perfect celestial map hidden on her robe; ●  She can change her ethnicity ... and MORE! Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Saint Juan Diego on December 9, 10 and 12, 1531. The image left of her on Saint Juan Diego's cloak  is the only true picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe in existence, as will be explained below.  After her appearance, Our L Read More December 09, 2018