What if The Walking Dead Had a REAL Priest instead of Father Gabriel?

After reading The Walking Dead (TWD) comics by Robert Kirkman and, of course, watching the AMC series, I've come to the conclusion that Father Gabriel Stokes is a REALLY lame excuse for a priest. Let's explore this character a bit. [SPOILERS!] The backstory for TV and comic Gabriel is pretty much the same. This is a priest who locked the church doors against his parishioners as they fled to him for sanctuary. He basically listened as they got munched and torn apart. Top notch guy, right? At the beginning of the outbreak, TV Gabriel survived by eating the results of a canned food drive.       Rick Grimes' group of survivors shelter in his church for a time, though wary of Gabriel's odd manner. This culminates in Gabriel witnessing Rick and company's ultra-violent slaughter of the cannibals, who were basically on their way out, anyway, after eating alive-but-infected-Dale. Karma! Later, the memories of the ultra-violence lead Gabriel to tell the leade Read More November 19, 2015

Pope Francis' Exorcism Video & An Abortion Warning for Mexico

On May 21, 2013, two months into his papacy, Pope Francis laid hands on a possessed man in St. Peter's Square and relieved him of some demons. Videos of the encounter has been bouncing around the internet ever since (see below). Going nearly noticed, however, is the hidden warning to Mexico regarding its 2007 legalization of abortion. WARNING: This may be horrifying to some, though even in such a situation the pope's gentleness is striking. The possessed man's name has since been revealed as "Angel V." and his exorcisms have been ongoing since 1999. According to the Spanish-language newspaper El Mundo , the poor man's demons have withstood 30 exorcism attempts by over 10 exorcists, including the chief exorcist of the Diocese of Rome, Father Gabriele Amorth.  Father Gabriele, the Vatican's leading exorcist, reports that he has sent over 160,000 demons back to hell. In his book, An Exorcist Tell His Story , Father Amorth invites the reader to Read More November 11, 2015

TOP TEN: Proof-Texting Examples Gone Wrong

Catholics have the privilege of living a faith consistent with the WHOLE Bible, i.e. we don't "proof-text." There are a number of Christian churches out there, as well as non-believers, who hone in on one verse in particular to the detriment of all others. This is called "proof-texting," or is at least the dark underbelly of proof-texting. Have you ever heard the phrase "a text without a context is a pretext for a proof text"? The biggest problem with proof-texting is the taking of verses out of their proper context. Oftentimes, people will interpret a particular verse to mean something in direct contradiction to the verses before and after it. Catholics interpret the Bible canonically, which means that our interpretation of a verse cannot conflict with what the rest of the Bible teaches. Otherwise stated, the Bible, being the Word of God, does not and cannot contradict itself. What if we tried proof-texting with other books?  This holisti Read More November 07, 2015