New Baby!

Hey, everybody! Sorry - I just have a short post this week. My wife had an emergency c-section early yesterday morning:  "Joy cometh in the morning" (Ps 30) Please welcome ... Miss Elizabeth Joy Smith   Read More March 16, 2018

Did You Know ... The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was NOT an Apple?

Imagine the scene. The serpent is speaking to Eve. He is tempting her with the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eve is holding in her hand an item of produce. A fruit. The fruit. The fruit which, when eaten, will violate God's Law, break man's covenant with God, and open the floodgates of sin and death into a hitherto pristine Earth.  What does the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge look like?  Did you imagine in the cradle of Eve's hand an ... apple?   Wrong! It wasn't an apple. Did you know that the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was NOT an apple?  If not an apple, then ...  what was it? [Also, stay tuned for my comic strip at the end!] First off, if you don't believe me, re-read Genesis 3 (reproduced below).  I promise you, the word "apple" doesn't appear anywhere in Genesis 3:1-7: Now the serpent was more subtle than any other wild creature that the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God s Read More March 12, 2018

Christian, Pro-Life Coffee Alternatives to Starbucks

As Christians, we just can't afford to support Starbucks any longer. They actively oppose all our most cherished values.  Not only that, the Starbucks logo has demonic origins .  An article I recently wrote about the Starbucks logo got a huge amount of attention. I was really surprised by the reaction - I thought most people already knew to avoid Starbucks. I remember one person commented on Facebook: "I know plenty of seminarians that drink Starbucks!" One lady emailed me a really important question after reading the article ... What now?? Starbucks presents a problem for all of us coffee-lovers. If drinking Starbucks means that we are supporting something evil, where else can we go for delicious, over-priced coffee? What now?!  Thankfully, there are some good options out there. And maybe not so over-priced, too!  Wondering about Fair Trade options ? Pro-Life coffee options ? Or what about your local coffee shops ? I address each of these below and also pr Read More March 02, 2018

The Hidden Evil of the Starbucks Logo

I like coffee. A lot. Even so, I try to avoid Starbucks coffee like the plague. Though their coffee is admittedly delicious, even sinfully so, their affiliation with Planned Parenthood is disgusting.  Not only that, according to 2nd Vote , that's just the beginning of Starbucks' list of offenses: (1) Starbucks not only supports same-sex marriage, but even signed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to overturn state marriage laws in Obergefell v. Hodges (2015); (2) Starbucks contributes to Girls Inc., another pro-abortion organization; and (3) Starbucks received a score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC’s) Corporate Equality Index. The HRC is the standard-bearer for the liberal LGBTQ political agenda, which also opposed religious freedom. Find out more about them here . With such insidious designs on life, marriage, the family, and religion, I started wondering about the Starbucks logo ...  [After reading, if you're looking for alternatives to S Read More February 25, 2018