Justice Clarence Thomas, The Rosary, and His First Homily as Priest

I love hearing a good story about the Rosary. Here's a great one, as told by Justice Clarence Thomas. It's part of an amazing and "unabashedly Catholic" commencement address that Justice Thomas recently gave at Christendom College.  I also wanted to share with you a story about the time that I met Justice Thomas. I asked him, " If you had continued in seminary and become a priest, what would have been the subject of your first homily?" The answer is below, following the video.  [The story about the Rosary begins about the 19:22 mark] Wasn't that a great story? Want to hear another one? FYI,  I'm collecting stories like this for an upcoming book I'm compiling on the Rosary. The working title is "Amazing Things About the Rosary You Never Knew" or something like that. You may have already heard portions of Justice Thomas' commencement address on Teresa Tameo's radio show or from Steve Ray. I'm glad to see it's Read More June 06, 2018

Gay Wedding Cake Supreme Court Case: A "Masterpiece" for Religious Freedom?

The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of the Christian baker in the so-called Gay Wedding Cake Case. Will  Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission be a landmark ruling for freedom of religion and freedom of conscience cases?  What will Masterpiece Cakeshop  mean for religious freedom rights going forward? Is this the turn of the tide for Christian and conservative values? But was Masterpiece a masterpiece? Unfortunately, the ruling may be narrow and limited for a few reasons.  We will go over all of the following in this article: ○ Background: Jack Phillips, the baker, vs. the gay couple and Colorado ○ The Supreme Court's ruling and holding in Masterpiece ○ Key quotes, passages, and where to find the text of the Masterpiece decision ○ What is the Free Exercise Clause? The Establishment Clause? ○ Is Separation of Church & State in the Constitution? ○ Reasons the Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling may be limited ○ Majority, Concurring, and Dissentin Read More June 04, 2018

Who Was Abraham? The Modern Attack on Abraham

The typical depiction of Abraham as a poor desert nomad is likely completely wrong .  The archaeological and even the Biblical evidence presents a very different picture.  It is possible that Abraham was actually a much more interesting and important figure,  even before  he forever altered the course of world history. You're not likely to hear this part of Abraham's story, though ... Modern academics are trying their best to minimize and fictionalize every aspect of Abraham's story. Read below how archaeological evidence actually supports the Bible's account of Abraham. This article covers all of the following topics: ○ When Did Abraham Live? When was Abraham born? ○ Modern Attack on the Timeline for Abraham and the Exodus  ○ Another Modern Attack: Is the mention of camels anachronistic in the account of Abraham? ○ Abraham's Timeline [chart] with Abraham's Ages ○ Who was Abram/Abraham? ○ The City of Ur during Abraham's Time ○ Cyrus Read More May 29, 2018