Catholic Conversions: The Little Rascals

Did you know that not one, but at least two of the Little Rascals have converted to Catholicism? I recently interviewed Zac "still the cutest gif ever" Mabry on my Catholic Nerds podcast. Zac Mabry played "Porky" on The Little Rascals . See what I mean about that "cutest gif ever" part? Well, Zac grew up, went to the University of Oklahoma, and became a CPA ... "I gotta dollar, I gotta dollar ... the IRS got my dollar."  Zac Mabry's Fateful Trip to Rome  Somewhere in there, Zac made a trip to St. Peter's in Rome. He went on the Scavi tour. This is a tour of the bones of St. Peter. Archaeologists discovered St. Peter's bones in secret during the Nazi occupation of Rome. To read about this real life Indiana Jones story from start to finish, check out this great book: The Fisherman's Tomb . Very good book!  Something amazing happened to Zac during his visit to the ancient necropolis below the high altar of St. Peter's Read More March 14, 2019

Y-Chromosome Adam & Mitochondrial Eve: Is Science Confirming Genesis?

First, they said Genesis, Eden, and Adam and Eve were just a "miserable myth". Then something strange started to happen ... Evidence started to stack up that all mankind originated in the same place: the "Out of Africa" model. Genesis was still just a myth though regarding our common ancestry through Adam and Eve. Then something strange started to happen ... Genetic evidence started to stack up for a common matrilineal ancestor: "Mitochondrial Eve" or mt-Eve, mt-MRCA. Genesis was still just a myth though regarding Adam. Then something strange started to happen ... Genetic evidence started to stack up for a common patrilineal ancestor: "Y-chromosome Adam" or Y-MRCA. Genesis was still just a myth though because Adam and Eve were still separated by huge gulfs of time, if not geography and distance. Then something strange started to happen ... Evidence began to stack up that Adam and Eve may have lived on the planet at the same time. Read More February 18, 2019

What should we name our Newborn Twin Lambs?

Twin lambs were just born on our family farm! They're pretty adorable.  We started with three pregnant sheep about 15 months ago. We have now grown to nine sheep including 2-3 pregnant sheep.  Read more about our attempts at our Catholic Homesteading site .  These are Katahdin sheep, a type of hair sheep. We didn't want to subject wool sheep to Louisiana summers. Can you imagine? (Actually, I think Louisiana's only native sheep, the Gulf Coast Native breed, is a wool sheep) We try to hold the lambs as much as possible so they aren't so "sheepish" around us. Here are some pictures of the newborn lambs with the family: And maybe the cutest picture my wife has ever taken ... baby Elizabeth and baby lamb: But, there's a problem. We don't know what to name the baby lambs, so we thought we would ask you.  I've made the survey below with some possibilities. There's AbraRAM & Sarah, because Abraham saved his wife by calli Read More January 29, 2019

Freedom of Religion & the Establishment Clause: The American Legion Cross Supreme Court Case

Something great might be about to happen in America. The First Amendment's Establishment Clause has been misused to take away so many vital parts of American society.  Prayer in schools ... First, the Lord's Prayer was evicted from schools; cf.  Abington Township v. Schempp (1963). School prayer was taken away. Even observing a moment of silence was taken away; cf.  Wallace v. Jaffree (1985).  Praying at or even before sporting events was taken away; cf.  Santa Fe Independent School Dist. v. Doe (2000) .  We kneel now, but not for God.  The Supreme Court stopped just short of taking "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance; cf.  Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow (2002). Nativity Scenes ...  Nativity scenes and other religious displays were taken away. Though, for some reason, the Menorah was allowed to remain; cf.  Allegheny County v. ACLU (1989). The Ten Commandments ...  Statues of the foundations of law and justice Read More January 03, 2019

Christmas Pro-Life Conversation Guide

About this time of year, Planned Parenthood r eleases its annual "Guide to 'Dealing With Difficult' People" during the holidays.  And who might these "difficult people" be? Pro-lifers, of course!  I thought to myself,  wow , Planned Parenthood actually had a great idea. Well, they had the inverse of a great idea, anyway. Pro-Lifers should have their own Holiday Guide to Dealing with Pro-Choicers!  ... And it should include a healthy dose of  A Christmas Story  GIFs ...  Being on the right side of the abortion debate is very important. Our relationships are also extremely important.  Building Relationships is KEY! Except in situations of imminent death, we always need to focus first on building the relationship. If you're not in relationship with someone first, it's hard to convince them of anything.  This is especially true with millennials -- check out my interview of Father Josh Johnson for more on the subject of millennials!  Read More December 19, 2018