Top 5 Most Anti-Christian & Anti-Life Insurance and Financial Companies

Are you inadvertently buying life insurance to an anti-Christian company? Are trusting your life savings and retirement to an immoral company? Are you worried that your money might be accidentally supporting abortion? Check out the list of top anti-Christian life insurance and financial companies below. Be careful where your money goes! None of us want to invest our future in a company without a conscience. No good can come from this, financially or otherwise.  There's something terribly ironic about an anti-life life insurance company, isn't there? The following list will help you avoid contributing to this irony.   This is an article I wrote in partnership with another great site: . Check it out! Here is your list of anti-Christian and anti-life insurance and financial companies. The rankings of offenders is based on size and influence. Please be sure to comment below if the list is missing any particular malefactor. ​ #1. Aetna -  Ill Read More November 12, 2018

Jesus and Mary ... Jane? Marijuana Activists Claim Jesus Used Cannabis Oil for Miracles WRONG

Watch out for all the old heresies and new "weeds" that are constantly popping back up. But this one is just ... it's a whole new level of crazy. And I recently interviewed Dr. John Bergsma to show you just how crazy. Marijuana activists are now trying to tie Jesus to cannabis oil. Pot proponents are arguing that Jesus was actually an early advocate of cannabis oil.  Not only that, there's more!  The worst part of all ... Jesus didn't perform miracles. Cannabis oil did.  Not only that, if you're anti-cannabis, you're anti-Christ ... dude.   The marijuana activists are using the Bible to defend this theory. Here's how you can use the Bible to demolish this theory courtesy of some excellent professors of Biblical Hebrew, including Dr. John Bergsma and Dr. Andrew Glicksman.  You may have encountered this argument already. This article will dissect the pro-pot argument and show you how to respond. In case you're wondering, though, D Read More October 16, 2018

Famous Car Company Named for the Virgin Mary

The Blessed Mother's name is everywhere! I'm not just talking about all the women named Mary, Maria, or Marie .. or even Regina, Guadalupe, Carmel, Fatima, Rosario, etc.   All generations for the last 2,000 years have been calling Mary "Blessed" as she prophesied in her Magnificat. That means people have been honoring Mary and her name for a long time. But did you know that one of the world's largest car companies is also named after Mary? So which car company is named after the Virgin Mary? Our Lady of Ford? The Virgin of Toyota? No ...  Though not named for Christ,  Chrysler  was actually led for a time by Father John Riccardo's dad , an amazing man and father, who also recruited Lee Iacocca.  Pontiac was a famous chief of the Ottawa tribe. Elon Musk's Tesla car company is named for the Serbian inventor and engineer, Nikola Tesla .  But what about Mary? In 1901,  Emil Jellinek,   a wealthy Austrian diplomat, automobile entrepreneur, and Read More October 03, 2018

Interview with Father Josh Johnson about his NEW Book: Broken & Blessed

Father Josh Johnson has a new book out! It's called Broken & Blessed: An Invitation to My Generation . I recently interviewed Father Josh about his book - watch it below. While the book is aimed at millennials, Father Josh says the book is really for everybody. In particular, Father Josh wants to reach "Catholics who are struggling with their faith or have already left the Catholic Church because I want to invite them to hear the story of Jesus again and hear about the story of His Church maybe for the first time." You'll want to hear Father Josh's conversion story. You'll love the story of the guy who tried starting something with a priest in a bar! You'll want to hear about the "game changer" moment when he decided to become a Catholic priest - also the moment he realized that Catholic priests could be black!   We cover a lot of great topics in this interview, but you'll definitely want to get your own copy of Broken & Bl Read More September 21, 2018