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The No-Watch List: Guide to All the Kids' Shows and Movies That Have LGBTQ Characters and Content

I keep hearing about new and old kids' shows and movies adding LGBTQ characters, storylines, etc. Or for the full, incoherent, and current alphabet soup abbreviation: LGBTQIA+. 

Honestly, years ago, my family started weaning ourselves off constant TV shows and movies. TV and movies still leak into the cracks, though, when we are visiting friends, the dentist's office, etc. We will still have family movie night, of course--so many classics to show the kids! 

But it's still good to know and to help others know. Please help me with this list! Comment below with new and old shows and movies that need to be added to this list. Thanks in advance. 

List of Shows and Movies pushing the LGBTQ agenda,, header

It's also hard to find a list of LGBTQ kids shows and movies from the Christian perspective. A Google search on this topic quickly reveals Google's LGBTQ bias on this topic.  

Phew! It has taken me a long time to put this together. I will greatly appreciate your help in adding to this list and helping me keep in current. 

So, here is the list of kids' shows and movies ruined by the forced addition of LGBTQ characters and storylines, in alphabetic order, plus the approximate season for when the show went bad. 

WARNING: Many of the quotes I use to describe when the show went bad have been compiled from LGBTQ-friendly sites, so they may describe the content in a positive light. I certainly do not see this content as a positive thing.   

>> "Ab Initio" designation means a show was gay from the beginning   

Yeah, Disney is on this list a lot ... 

The table of contents below will help you navigate the list: (Note: Table of Contents may only be visible on desktop view) 


    You can access this database here, as well. Warning: the database is celebrating gay content.  


    For movies, see the list below at the end of all the television shows. 

    Ada Twist, Scientist Season 4 Episode 11

    Ada Twist, Scientist, Netflix - Season 4, Episode 11

    Ada Twist, Scientist Season 4 Episode 11 shows two men, one of whom is Star Trek officer turned gay advocate, George Takei, getting married and kissing. Thanks for the tip on this show from one of the commenters below! 

    Ada Twist, Scientist Season 4 Episode 11

    Here's a write-up from Mombian -- yeah, you got it, a website for lesbian moms [shiver]: 

    A new episode of the Emmy Award-winning Netflix preschool series Ada Twist, Scientist guest stars George Takei and Guillermo Diaz as a couple at their wedding. And a brand-new book from the series behind the show includes even more queer representation—with a timely message about censorship and the power of stories!

    Want an Emmy? Just jam pack as much gay kissing as you can into a children's show. 

    Adventure Time, Cartoon Network - Ab Initio 

    Adventure Time is one of those shows that may look and feel like a children's show, but was never a children's show. This is likely by design, unfortunately.   

    Adventure Time has always been pretty obvious about promoting LGBTQ lifestyles. This has only increase over time. According to an article from queer-advocacy site Polygon

    It took 10 seasons and 283 episodes for Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen to kiss on Adventure Time. Of course, it was obvious they were together — or at least had feelings for each other — long before that, evidenced by their sharing clothes and general moon eyes in each other’s presence. Since the series ended in 2018, we’ve seen the pair simply exist as queer people in the 2020 Adventure Time: Distant Lands “Obsidian” special, both as individuals and as a couple, and they’re still a couple in the new Fionna and Cake spinoff series on Max. They are always written as each other’s romantic destinies.

    List of Shows and Movies pushing the LGBTQ agenda -- Adventure Time

    Andi Mack, Disney+ - Ab Initio/Season 2 

    Not exactly promoting the institution of the family ... the sister of the protagonist in this show is also her mother and grandmother. [Squints eyes] 

    Description from What's Up, Moms, which, sadly, promotes gay shows for kids: 

    An artsy teenage girl named Andi finds out one day that her sister is actually her mom. But weirder than that, her mom is actually her grandmother. I know, I know, you just have to see it. This is a brilliantly written show about characters trying to find out who they really are and the crazy adventures they have in an effort find that truth. We love that Andi’s best friends Cyrus and Buffy are along for the ride and in Season Two, we watch as Cyrus courageously comes out.

    LGBTQ kids shows to avoid

    Arlo, the Alligator Boy

    Arthur, PBS Kids - Season 22

    This was a painful one. When I was a kid, I read the Arthur books -- the show wasn't really a thing yet. I can still remember the smell of those glossy pages. Partly because I still have them!

    Here's the point of breakdown from an NBC News article:

    Mr. Ratburn from the children's show “Arthur” got married to another man in the show's 22nd season premiere, spurring effusive reactions from those who grew up watching the program. The episode, titled “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” starred lesbian actor Jane Lynch as a special guest ...

    Maybe there's some solace in the fact that it was the rat ...

    This one is even more problematic, because Ratburn gets married:

    Arthur goes gay with Ratburn's wedding

    Battle Kitty, Netflix - Ab Initio, "overtly and unapologetically gay" reviewed Battle Kitty as follows: "For those who love cartoons with inappropriate humor, loads of heart, and creativity, Battle Kitty is your gay messiah."

    Battle Kitty is a Netflix original interactive cartoon created by Paul Layzell and Matt Layzell. The series follows Kitty and Orc as they face rival warriors and guardian monsters to become the champion of Battle Island. further reports: "I also love how overtly and unapologetically gay the characters are. In Battle Kitty, queer identity is normalized, celebrated, and gay is synonymous with joy."

    Battle Kitty overtly gay

    Thanks to the commenter below who brought this to my attention: "On Netflix there is a show called Battle Kitty. 2 men making out, the cat is a male with a big pink bow, and more. Once I noticed it, I turned it off."

    Blues Clues, Nickelodeon - Reboot Ab Initio, Not Original Series

    Get a clue! 

    John Bursch of Alliance Defending Freedom, the author of a new book, Loving God’s Children: The Church and Gender Ideology, describes when Blue's Clues went dark:
    Two years ago, it was an episode of Blue’s Clues — a show for very young children — that featured a ‘Pride Parade’ that included a float with a young cartoon beaver who had tape over her chest from breast removals.

    That's literally crazy: teaching children about trans-based body disfigurements. Gross. 

    Blues Clues pride parade

    Bluey, Disney Plus - Season 3 Episode (finale)

    Sad day! It saddens me to add Bluey to the list. Is there still hope? Was it just an Australian accent mis-hearing? 

    Eh, probably not. This is a Disney property. Given enough time, Disney will destroy any given kids show. We've got the Bluey Blues in my family:

    Bluey confirmed its first LGBTQ+ characters in The Sign episode. There is a calypso school scene, and the character Pretzel mentions his "Mums" while talking about his guinea pig. Pretzel says his MUMS told him that his guinea pig might come back.

    Another one bites the dust ...

    Bubble Guppies, Nickelodeon - Season 4, Episode 2

    Bubble Guppies was one of the first to go dark. That is, it was one of the first kids shows to introduce an overtly gay character. On June 2, 2015, gay drag queen RuPaul guest starred as a snail in the episode "Costume Boxing!"

    Bug Diaries, Amazon - Ab Initio

    The “Bug Diaries” (Amazon) character Worm has two moms.

    Chip and Potato, Netflix - Season 2

    According to the Philadephia Gay News:
    Season 2 of Netflix’s animated series for preschoolers, “Chip and Potato,” has introduced a two-dad family to its cute anthropomorphic world. The series revolves around the adventures of Chip, a young pug, and her secret friend Potato, a mouse whom Chip pretends is a stuffed animal. In episodes 8 and 10 of season 2, we meet new neighbors Roy and Ray Razzle, two dad zebras, and their baby twins. Chip and her parents treat them just like any other family.
    Chip and Potato - LGBTQ content, two dad zebra family

    Clifford the Big Red Dog, PBS Kids, Amazon - Reboot Series, Season 1, Episode 12, Not Original Series 

    In 2020, it was reported that the beloved animated show Clifford the Big Red Dog became the second PBS Kids series with a recurring LGBT character. 

    In “The Big Red Tomato/Dogbot,” one of Emily Elizabeth’s friends, Samantha, brought her two moms to a dinner party. 

    Clifford the Big Red Dog LGBTQ the two moms

    CoComelon, Netflix - Season 9

    Disney is spreading its disease. From

    Moonbug Entertainment, the studio behind the show, was recently acquired by Disney alum, Kevin Mayer and Tom Stags. This recent acquisition likely plays a large role in this disappointing introduction of immoral themes.

    Parents should note that the previously produced COCOMELON seasons (up through season 8) have been untouched, remaining a safe entertainment option for younger children.

    However, COCOMELON LANE, the new Netflix original, along with future seasons of COCOMELON (starting with season 9) have been developed under the new leadership, which has opted to stray from the family-friendly values the show was built on. Parents should take caution and monitor the content if they allow their children to watch newer COCOMELON content.

    CoComelon shifts to LGBTQ

    CoComelon Lane, Netflix Toddlers - Ab Initio, Season 1 

    This is a new spinoff series of the popular Netflix show for babies and preschoolers(!!!), CoComelon. It introduced LGBTQ characters and a scene where a boy dresses up in a tutu and tiara.

    CoComelon Lane dancing in tuto for gay dads

    In one episode segment for “CoComelon Lane” called, “Just be me,” a little boy plays dress up in a studio preparing for a photo shoot with his two dads.

    Taking out different costumes, he asks his same-sex parents which one would look best. His dads encourage him to “be himself.”

    “Think about all the things you like to do; just be you,” they sing to him. After dressing up as a firefighter and a chef, he dons a tiara and tutu and spins around the room. 

    Creative Galaxy, Amazon - Season 3, Episodes 1, 4, & forward

    The 2018 “Arty’s Holiday Masterpiece” episode of Creative Galaxy depicts a girl showing a craft project to her two dads.

    Thanks for the report from the comments below: Creative Galaxy, Season 3, Episode 4, "Taking Care of Splatter". In this episode, the character Jackson has two dads.

    Sad, I used to watch this show with my kids all the time. 

    Henry Danger and Danger Force always LGBTQ programming

    Henry Danger and Danger Force (Spin-off), Nickelodeon - Both LGBTQ from the beginning, Ab Initio  

    DANGER is right! Whatever happened to the good ol' days of the Friday night SNICK lineup? These gay plotlines and characters would have made great horror stories for Are You Afraid of the Dark?

    Henry Danger was always bad ...

    According to Business Insider, Michael D. Cohen, who plays Schwoz on Nickelodeon's longest-running live-action show Henry Danger, revealed in an interview with Time that he transitioned from female to male nearly 20 years ago. 

    It gets worse. This transgender lady is so far gone that she doesn't identify as transgender:

    Cohen doesn't identify as transgender, saying that he has always felt that his "core being" was male, and so he prefers to use language that reflects that. 

    Danger Force was always bad, too ...

    From NickaLive: 

    Henry Danger itself featured an impressive number of LGBTQ+ actors, including Cohen, who publicly came out in 2019 about transitioning while on Henry Danger, Frankie Grande, who portrays fabulous villain Frankini, and Alec Mapa, who plays Jack Frittleman. All three have reprised their respective roles for Danger Force.
    Thanks for the free programming, Hell. Danger Force Episode "Say My Name" (4/4/2020, Season 1, Episode 2) actually features (1) two gay dads (2) that have adopted a boy (3) ogling (4) a shirtless dude: 

    That's not all Nickelodeon made network history by casting their first out, trans teen actor to play a role in a series in Danger Force. From Out magazine:

    According to Variety, 13-year-old actor Sasha A. Cohen (alongside his twin sister Natalie R. Cohen) was recently cast in the June 19 "Manlee Men" episode of the kids comedy series, which tells the story of a group of kids in the fictional town of Swellview learning to harness their superpowers with the guidance of Captain Man (Cooper Barnes).


    Dead End: Paranormal Park, Netflix - Ab Initio

    Description from What's Up, Moms, which, sadly, promotes gay shows for kids: 

    This animated trans series that sprang from the graphic novel series called DeadEndia. This British American fantasy-horror-comedy follows a trans teen named Barney, his neurodivergent best friend Norma, and a pug as they battle demons at a haunted theme park. If they succeed, they might just save the world from a supernatural apocalypse.

    Dino Ranch, Disney Junior - Season 1, Episode 24

    Gay dinosaurs? Is that why dinosaurs went extinct? That's a whole new theory for Dr. Alan Grant. 

    Adoptasaurus Rex: an episode centered around helping two gay dinosaurs have their own eggs. 

    Dino Ranch Adoptasaurus Rex gay dinosaur adoption

    From TexAgs:

    The show Dino Ranch features an episode where the children observe two MALE tyrannosauruses who are pretending to incubate rocks that are actually eggs. The two male dinosaurs are obviously "mates" and the allusion to the normalization of a family unit of two same-sex mates could not be more clear. The children work to provide them "eggs of their own".... which is an allusion to "gay" adoption as normative and acceptable.

    Doc McStuffins, Disney Junior - Season 4, Episode 22 

    Doc McStuffins and the tale of two moms ... 

    The episode "The Emergency Plan" focuses on two mother dolls that separate from their kids after a dragon causes an earthquake.

    NBC News reported Doc McStuffins going to the dark side in 2017:

    Disney Junior's animated show "Doc McStuffins" aired an episode last week in which a family experiences an earthquake and learns how to plan for it in the future. The family just happens to be headed by two mothers: one black and one white. 

    Voiced by comedian Wanda Sykes and actress Portia de Rossi, Thea (Sykes) and Edie (de Rossi) are the latest same-sex couple to be featured on a children's television show.

    Ducktales - Reboot Series, Season 3, Episode 1

    I was a big Ducktales fan as a kid, and I was really enjoying this reboot with my kids ... until ... 

    The Season 3 premier featured a pair of gay dads, pictured below:

    Ducktales Gay Dads

    Not good! But that's just the beginning ... 

    Of course, it would be the alien ducks that are made LGBTQ. In season 2, Donald's sister, Della, gets trapped on the moon with an alien civilization called the Moonlanders. 

    By Season 3, one of these Moonlanders has come back to earth with the Ducks and is trying to make a home on this planet with her new friends. This Moonlander is the character Penumbra, a guarded and pragmatic lieutenant voiced by Julie Bowen (Modern Family). 

    At one point, Penumbra says "What? No! We are not enemies. I just do not wish to date an Earth ... Male."

    This implied lesbianism was later confirmed by the writer and director of the episode, Sam King. King said the following in a tweet:

    "Hey yeah! For clarity, I had certain constraints I had to work in to get this across, so believe me I'm the first to say I wish it was more overt," she said. "But yes, Penny calls everything on Earth "Earth -" her saying "Earth... male" is specifically saying "Men." She's a lesbian."
    List of Shows and Movies pushing the LGBTQ agenda,, Ducktales writer confirms Penumbra is queer tweet

    Firebuds, Disney Plus - Season 1, Episode 4  

    Surprise! Disney is on this list again. Whatever happened to Sleeping Beauty's Prince Philip slaying dragons with the sword of virtue? 

    Instead, we have Viv and Val Vega-Vaughn, Violet's lesbian mothers. They first appear in Season 1, Episode 4, the lesbian picnic episode, "Picnic Pile-Up/Duo Dash."

    Firebuds two moms, Disney Plus

    From an article from The Stand, "Disney's 'Firebuds' Character has Two Moms":

    Many parents have already found out that Disney Junior is no longer safe for young children. Now, Disney’s animated series Firebuds has added a same-sex couple to the program. One of the main characters, Violet, has two moms in the Vega-Vaughn family.

    Thanks for this comment, Anonymous: "Please add Firebuds to this list. The young girl who pretends to be a paramedic, Violet, has 2 mothers. Unfortunately not quite sure which season it is but it might’ve been so from the very beginning."

    The following episodes of Firebuds feature Violet's lesbian moms, Viv and Val Vega-Vaughn:
    • The Four Door Troubadours/Moto-Polo! (Season 1, Episode 24, 2023) 
    • The Super Safety Show/Job-O-Rama Day (Season 1, Episode 21, 2023) 
    • Care-A-Van Club/Mud About You (Season 1, Episode 11, 2022) 
    • Picnic Pile-Up/Duo Dash (Season 1, Episode 4, 2022)

    Go Dog Go Poster LGBTQ show

    Go, Dog. Go! Netflix - Season 2, Episode 1

    Tag Barker (Michela Luci) and her friend Scooch Pooch (Callum Shoniker) travel through Pawston, working together to solve problems and have fun and ... normalize LGBTQ lifestyles, apparently. 

    From an article at PluggedIn
    Parents should note, however, that a duo of lesbian mothers appears on the screen in the first episode of Season Two, so despite the show’s generally positive messages, that’s still something you’ll want to watch out for.

    According to the Go Dog Do wiki, the blue dog's, Taylee's, mother is gay, which is mentioned at the line "I live here with my two mommies". However, her second mom looks more of a grandma.

    Go Dog Go another Netflix LGBTQ show for little kids

    Heartstopper, Netflix - Ab Initio

    British school boys aren't just traveling to Narnia anymore.

    Description from What's Up, Moms, which, sadly, promotes gay shows for kids: 

    You might recognize the title Heartstopper from the viral queer graphic novel that exploded in 2019; it features two British school boys, Charlie (who is openly gay) and Nick (who is not) falling in love. The Netflix series is based on the graphic novel by Alice Oseman and features themes around love, friendship, mental health, and LGBTQ+ issues. We’ve seen a million stories just like this one featuring heterosexual teens, but here we get to watch first love bloom between two queer characters, and we are so here for it.

    Nothing good to see here, folks ...

    Heartstopper Gay Kids Shows

    Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous - Season 4, implied; Season 5, LGBTQ kids kissing 

    Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous not only features LGBTQ characters. It also features LBGTQ kids kissing. RED ALERT! 
    Yasmina “Yaz” Fadoula, a standout athlete and especially a track star is one of multiple LGBTQ characters. Here is the "progression" of her character to "out" and "out" gay from gay-friendly site

    Yaz is a little bit of a cynical loner. Sammy is the most exuberant, social gal in the group. Their friendship blossoms into Real Feelings. And, finally, in the final season, Yaz says them out loud ... When Yaz and Sammy find themselves alone (mostly; Ben’s trying to make himself invisible in the corner), Yaz says she’s been trying to tell Sammy something all day, but she’s been waiting for the perfect moment, but all those moments keep getting interrupted by the giant evil corporation that’s chasing them. She says she simply cannot wait another minute! Sammy’s like, “Wait another minute for what?” Well and finally Yaz blurts out, “I like you! Like a lot. Like a lot, a lot.” And before either of them can even process what’s happening, they get ambushed by a dinosaur. After they’re safe, Sammy says she feels the same, and has for a long time. AND THEN THEY KISS! ON THE MOUTH! IN A KID’S CARTOON!
    Camp Cretaceous LGBTQ content

    Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts, Netflix - Ab Initio, Season 1

    From Wikipedia:

    In the first season of Kipo, which streamed on January 10, Benson said outright he was gay, saying he only liked the series protagonist, Kipo, in a platonic way. He developed a crush on a male character, Troy, in the show's 10th episode.

    Here's another article from Den of Geek on the show's "casual queerness". 

    kipo and the age of the wonderbeasts casual diverse queerness

    Kiya and the Kimoja Heroes, Disney Junior - Ab Initio

    It wouldn't be Disney Junior, if it's not normalizing the gay. In Kiya and the Kimoja Heroes, the sibling main characters have 2 moms.

    Ab initio, because there has only one season so far

    Thanks to the comments below for adding this one!

    The Loud House, Nickelodeon - Ab Initio

    It would be nice if this show was trying to normalize big families. Alas, it's normalizing something else.  

    Description from What's Up, Moms, which, sadly, promotes gay shows for kids: 

    You just know that in a house with 11 kids (10 girls and 1 boy, oh my!), the volume must be at a constant fever pitch. So, it’s no wonder that 11-year-old Lincoln Loud finds ways to escape his house to chill out with his best friend, Clyde, and his two dads, Harold and Howard. Love how the gay dad characters are just as “standard” as any typical, heterosexual married parent characters that we always see on TV shows. Also, hope this isn’t a spoiler alert (it might be), but Lincoln’s sister, Luna, comes out as bisexual, giving even more layers of representation in this already excellent show.
    You can see from the description above that they are attempting to normalize both gay dads and homosexual marriage. No bueno. 

    Loud House gay dads parents

    Miraculous Ladybug, Netflix - Ab Initio


    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Discovery Family - Season 9

    Was there ever a time when My Little Pony wasn't gay? This has always been a riddle to us 80s kids. "Brony" culture ...     

    Specifically, the "Friendship Is Magic" series features homosexual characters, per Wikipedia

    "The Last Crusade" received recognition for being the first Friendship Is Magic episode to feature homosexual characters: Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty are lesbians. The characters first appeared in the My Little Pony book Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe.

    Generally speaking, this show is fraught with issues. It's not good to play around with magic, like it's all good and natural.

    Aunt Holiday (left) with Auntie Lofty

    Muppet Babies, Disney Season 3, Episode 19 "Gonzo-rella"

    I had a lot of love for Muppet Babies as a kid. What a great show ... but, of course, the gay-transgender agenda has come for this childhood gem, too. Quit ret-conning my childhood!

    Leave poor Gonzo alone! Muppet Babies recently depicted Gonzo as a transgender princess as reported by Candace Owens and an article in Movieguide.

    The episode in question is a spin on the Cinderella storyline. Miss Piggy and Summer Penguin recall a princess whom they met at the ball. The characters refer to the princess by the “they” pronoun. Miss Piggy also has a glass slipper which she hands to Gonzo.

    Since Gonzo’s first appearance on the MUPPETS in 1976, the male character had a passion for stunts. However, the new MUPPET BABIES introduced a new version of Gonzo, who turned into “Gonzorella” after wearing the glass shoe.  

    When the group asks why Gonzo never told them his true identity, the character says he was afraid because they “expected [him] to look a certain way.” 

    Political commentator and author Candace Owens responded to the episode on Twitter. 

    “I can’t believe I’m tweeting this but.. they are pushing the trans agenda on children via muppet babies,” Candace Owens tweeted. “This is sick and PERVERTED. Everyone should be disturbed by predatory cartoons meant to usher children into gender dysphoria.”

    “Bring back manly muppets, anyone?” she added. 

    Not Quite Narwhal, Netflix - Ab Initio Themes

    Tip from a reader: somethings lurks in the depths of Not Quite Narwhal. This is about a unicorn transitioning to a narwhal -- I wonder what this is really about? It makes sense that a gay show would have a unicorn want to transition himself in a hurtful, suicidal way, i.e. drown, in order to become "who he really is". This is an agenda of death.  

    Not Quite Narwhal LGBTQ themes

    From Movie Guide

    NOT QUITE NARWHAL is an animated series on Netflix about a unicorn named Kale, adopted by a family of whales. Episode 1 follows Kelp, a young unicorn raised by a Narwhal family, who gets lost while playing and meets some unicorns. Kelp returns to his whale family to tell them he’s an unicorn, and they greet the news with acceptance. In Episode 2, Kelp struggles to learn unicorn magic from his new unicorn friends. In Episode 3, he discovers tacos and must figure out a way to bring them to his whale family without getting them wet.  
    The first three episodes of NOT QUITE NARWHAL are well produced and engaging for preschool children. All the conflict revolves around Kelp’s struggles to adjust to unicorn life. No characters are presented as doing wrong, and both Kelp’s whale family and his unicorn friends are loving and supportive. The content in the first three episodes is wholesome and family friendly, but unicorn fantasy magic is used in the episodes. Also, the exploration of identity in NOT QUITE NARWHAL stems from an unbiblical ideology of gender identity. 

    The Owl House, Disney+ - Ab Initio

    Description from What's Up, Moms, which, sadly, promotes gay shows for kids: 

    The Owl House is a kid-friendly comedy horror that follows a bisexual character named Luz Noceda, who ends up in a magical portal that drops her into a fantastical realm where she becomes friends with a warrior king. Luz, who has always wanted to be a witch, becomes an apprentice and embarks on adventure after another. The show also features a two-dad household and a non-binary character.

    Here's another description from The Parent Map website, a website for parents that, sadly, heavily promotes LGBTQ content: 

    The Owl House is the quirky queer magical series that every weirdo misfit needs growing up. The show hits hard at the theme of finding a place where you can be yourself from episode 1, but overt LGBTQ+ representation is limited to one character’s dads in season one. Season 2, on the other hand, sees teen girls embark on a wholesome, age-appropriate dating relationship, and introduces a nonbinary adult character. Bonus points for giving the main character’s mom her own story arc. Without ever questioning that she acts from a place of love, this single mom of color faces her own history of bullying as well as current social and financial pressures. She grows from a mindset of changing her child to fit the world to changing the world to fit her child. Chef’s kiss!

    Paw Patrol, Nickelodeon - Spin-off Rubble & Crew, Season 1, Episode 16, not Original Series

    Parents now need to patrol Paw Patrol!
    Dang, my kids loved this show. It seems omni-present, too. 

    The National Catholic Register wrote a good article on this:
    Rubble and Crew follows the beloved bulldog Rubble as he and his family work to build a new town called Builder Cove. It debuted earlier this summer, but already, in an attempt to appear “inclusive,” the show has featured what they called a “non-binary person.” 

    Paw Patrol goes gay

    Tierin-Rose Mandelburg, Anderlik Fellow in Culture & Media, video host and blogger for The Media Research Center, told the Register:

    The left’s attack in the Rubble and Crew episode was subtle with the transgender socks and the non-binary characters, yet has the potential to wreak havoc in families. 

    Mandelburg went on to say, "Pushing ideologies like this is exactly what the left aims to do. Parents can no longer put on what looks like an innocent children’s cartoon and have faith that it will be appropriate, making it incredibly hard to discern and teach children to discern right from wrong."

    Peppa Pig, Nickelodeon - Season 7, Episode 41

    Peppa Pig has also featured two moms awaiting the birth of their baby, so we're also normalizing surrogacy and/or artificial fertilization.

    Here's a good article about Peppa Pig's introduction of LGBTQ characters from the National Catholic Register

    Also, according to NBC News:

    The popular British children’s show “Peppa Pig” has introduced its first same-sex couple — two lesbian polar bears — following years of calls for more LGBTQ characters on the show. 

    In an episode that aired Tuesday on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom, Penny the Polar Bear tells main character Peppa Pig that she has “two mummies” and draws a picture of herself holding hands with them. 

    “I live with my mummy and my other mummy,” Penny says in the episode, which is titled “Families.” She adds that one of her moms is a doctor. 

    Penny Polar Bear and her two mothers

    Pete the Cat, Amazon - Ab initio

    Main character, Sally Squirrel, has two dads.

    Pinkalicious & Peterrific, PBS Kids - Season 4

    Thank you for the comment below reporting this one!

    The new girl of Pinkalicious has two dads. This occurs in the Season 4 Episode entitled "The Kendra shuffle/Team Song". The gay dads scene occurs in the "Team Song" segment of the double-episode.

    According to the comments below, this is a sneaky one: 
    Thank you for this forum. I noticed the dads today on Pinkalicious and it was very a few quick snippets and if I had not been paying attention I may not have caught it. This lead me to looking for this type resource. We limit screen time but I use it typically while making dinner or cleaning up so it’s sad I can not even put on PBS without double checking it first.

    Pinky Malinky, Netflix Ab Initio

    Description from What's Up, Moms, which, sadly, promotes gay shows for kids: 

    Pinky Malinky might have been born a hotdog, but that doesn’t stop him from seeing the bright side of life. This hilarious kid’s show is a bright spot of LGBTQ+ inclusivity that includes characters like Pinky’s friend JJ Jameson who has three dads (yes, three, it’s a polyamorous relationship). The best part? If you fall in love with this show, there are more than 60 episodes to binge on.

    Princess Power, Netflix - Ab Initio

    Princess Power: more LGBTQ shows for the very young. What could go wrong? Drew Barrymore actually produces this one. Thanks, Firestarter. 

    Princess Power - More LGBTQ shows for preschoolers   

    An article from Pridesource interviewed Princess Power producers Drew Barrymore and Savannah Guthrie, co-anchor of the Today show, on "Gay Dads, Girl Power and Helping Kids Love Who They Are":

    Snow White? I don’t know her. These days, the delicate, demure princesses from the earliest days of Disney films are history, replaced by a more socially progressive kind of young lady royalty that puts leadership and skills first, frilly dresses a distant second.

    Yeah, that sounds like what this show represents pretty well. The show puts queerness first and ditches morality and basic life skills. 

    Q-Force (Queer-Force), Netflix - Ab Initio

    Super gay! Queer Force -- the "Q" stands for "Queer" -- contains only gay and lesbian characters. Yikes. This is a whole new spin on the X-Men and Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Thanks for the tip on this one, readers!

    Some LGBTQ-advocated actually dislike this show because it contains only so-called cis (biological gender) characters, despite being called "queer." The snake bites its own tail. 

    Q-Force is actually Queer Force, surprise!


    Rescue Riders

    Ridley Jones, Netflix - Ab Initio

    Description from What's Up, Moms, which, sadly, promotes gay shows for kids:

    If you loved Night at the Museum, then you’ll love Ridley Jones. This preschool series is set in the Museum of Natural History, where Ridley and her friends go on wild adventures to keep the museum’s secrets safe. We especially love that Ridley has two dads (who happen to be mummies), voiced by Chris Colfer and Andrew Rannells. And then there’s Fred, a wonderful, adorable non-binary bison who uses they/them pronouns.

    Ridley Jones has two gay dads

    Rugrats, Nickelodeon - Reboot, Ab Initio  

    This is another one from my childhood. Alas. The original run of Rugrats had no openly gay characters, but the revival retcons/confirms what was always suspected. 

    From a New York Post article:

    The "Rugrats" revival includes Betty DeVille as an openly gay character. "Rugrats" premiered Thursday on Paramount+. "Rugrats" fans have long suspected Betty is a lesbian.

    Also, notice that the openly gay character's last name is DeVille or "devil," similar to Cruella de Vil.   

    Rugrats goes gay

    Sesame Street, PBS - Season 1 (1981) or Season 52 (2021)  

    Like My Little Pony, I feel like Sesame Street has been promoting the gay agenda from the beginning. 

    Bert & Ernie have always had a strange relationship. Grown man-puppets living and bathing together? But, at least according to the always-suspect New York Times: 

    Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind “Sesame Street,” quickly knocked down the idea, saying in a statement that Bert and Ernie are “best friends” and, being that they are puppets, have no sexual orientation.

    Muppet Wiki compiled a gay timeline for Sesame Street. If not Bert and Ernie, Sesame Street first featured the gay lifestyle in 1981 with the song We All Sing the Same Song, which included the lyric “I’ve got one daddy, I’ve got two.” 

    Sesame Street introduced its first gay couple in 2021, according to Them, an explicitly gay magazine: 

    The couple made its historic appearance in Sesame Street’s latest episode, “Family Day,” which aired last week. Nina (Suki Lopez) welcomes her family into town: brother Dave (Chris Costa), his husband Frank (Alex Weisman) and the couple’s daughter Mia (Olivia Perez).

    Sesame Street's first gay couple, Dave and Frank

    She-Ra and the Princess of Power, Netflix/Dreamworks - Ab Initio, implied 

    I was a big fan of He-Man and She-Ra growing up. My daughter and I were watching this show together and enjoying it. Then, creepily, they start sneaking in gay themes and, eventually, characters. 

    The method to this madness is more madness, plus sneakiness and creepiness. 

    Description from What's Up, Moms, which, sadly, promotes gay shows for kids: 

    Calling all 80s kids! This reboot features five seasons of girl power awesomeness. We follow an orphaned girl named Adora who finds a sword, turns into the badass She-Ra, and unites a rebellion to fight against evil. Also she totally falls in love with her bestie, Catra. This is an excellent show that casts queer characters in the hero role and shows kids that being gay doesn’t mean you can’t also save the day.

     According to the, "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power was made for the gays." Continuing, "It’s an adventure like no other, pushing forward queer representation in animation."

    She-Ra is Super-Powered Gay

    Spidey and His Amazing Friends, Disney, Jr. (Marvel) - Season 2, Episode 9

    From an article on Spidey & His Amazing Friends by the American Family Association:

    Just this weekend I was watching an episode of Spidey and His Amazing Friends with my two-year-old when I spotted a new character, Jerry, who was clearly going through some sort of identity crisis. The character was portrayed to physically resemble a male, but the voice was undoubtedly female. Sure enough, the other characters began referring to Jerry using “they/them” pronouns.

    My heart burned as it sank.

    I furiously Googled to confirm my discovery. “Jerry, voiced by: Hayden Bishop. Bishop is non-binary and uses both she/her, he/him, it, and they/them pronouns.” 

    Junkyard Jerry appears in two episodes of Season 2: Episode 21, "Super Scooter/The Lost Web Shooter", and Episode 9, "An Egg-Cellent Adventure/The Hangout Headache". You will also notice that Jerry wears pink eye shadow ...

    Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures, Disney Jr. - Ab Initio, Season 1, Episode 2

    Is there a Disney Junior show that isn't actively normalizing gay and transgender lifestyles? The entire studio has gone dark. 

    As a huge Star Wars fan, the continued gay-ification of Star Wars is really disturbing. "It's a trap!"

    As expected, the new Disney Junior Star Wars show for kids continues this trend. The character Nash has two moms who are shown cheering during her race. Thanks to the commenter who added this below!

    Steven Universe, Hulu - Ab Initio

    Description from What's Up, Moms, which, sadly, promotes gay shows for kids:

    Steven is a little bro in a family of magical beings called the Crystal Gems, who are basically the guardians of the universe. Steven’s quest: to learn how to use his magical powers to save the world. By the way, those magical powers come from his belly button, making this show both hilarious and adorable. The show features two LGBTQ+ characters, Saphire and Ruby — known as the Gems — who share a 5,000-year-long relationship.

    It's interesting that this show is, not just promoting gay/lesbian marriage, but also presenting such as particularly long-lasting. This is decidedly not the case. Long-lasting monogamy among homosexual partners is rare. 

    Maybe this irony is meant to enhance the fantasy element? LOL. 

    TOTS LGBTQ lesbian dolphins

    T.O.T.S., Disney Junior Season 1, Ep. 23

    Also known as "Tiny Ones Transport Service", transport the tiny ones -- better yet, transport Disney Junior -- away from the TV for this one. Aimed at ages 2 to 7, TOTS focuses on the adventures of best friends Pip and Freddy, "a tenacious penguin and a kind-hearted flamingo." Flamingos are usually a good tip-off. 

    From the website, Mombian (meaning Mom-Lesbian): 

    In Episode 23b, “Seas the Day,” Pip and Freddy must make their first underwater delivery, transporting a baby dolphin. Freddy is better at flying than swimming, but Pip figures out how to help his friend—who then helps him later when they must wend their way through a puzzling maze. When they arrive at their destination, two mother dolphins are there to welcome their little one with kisses and love.

    List of Shows and Movies pushing the LGBTQ agenda, TOTS LGBTQ lesbian dolphins

    There's also "Hank the Gay Single Dad Hedgehog from T.O.T.S." who appears in the episode "Daddy Delivery" (Season 1, Episode 47).

    Thanks Alyssa Windham's comment and the heads-up on T.O.T.S: "For your list of LGBTQ characters and children's shows I would like to add T.O.T.S. from Disney Junior on it. There are a number of characters that are homosexual. It is no longer allowed on TV at our house. And thanks to your hard work I don't have to worry about exposing my daughter to other shows that you have on the list. Thank you again!"

    Transformers: EarthSpark, Paramount/Nickelodeon - Ab Initio, Season 1

    Along with She-Ra, here's another attempts to destroy 80s kids' childhoods: injecting LGBTQ content into the Transformers universe.

    Transformers EarthSpark Nightshade non-binary characters

    Transformers: EarthSpark is an animated series that recently debuted on Paramount+ and Nickelodeon. Multiple new nonbinary Transformer characters have been introduced, namely Nightshade, who uses they/them pronouns, and a human character named Sam, who uses she/they pronouns.

    Thanks for the tip from the comments below!

    From a Kotaku article:

    Nigthshade isn’t the first Transformer who’s a member of the alphabet army—it’s been previously established that Anode and Lug, two characters in the IDW Transformers comics, are a transgender couple, and Arcee is transgender—but they are the first canonically nonbinary Transformer.


    Vida the Vet, Netflix - Ab Initio, Season 1

    Remember when the show My Two Dads was about two straight guys just working together to help raise a girl? That seems like a long time ago. 

    Per Common Sense Media, the main character, Vida the Vet, has two dads which occasionally to frequently appear in the show. Vida's Dad and Papa are the gay fathers of Vida and husbands, and have been part of the show from the beginning ... since there's only been one season (2024) so far.


    For now, we'll just list all the "kids'" movies with LBGTQ content. Hopefully, I will soon add descriptions of the content. 

    Disney children's movies with LGBTQ content? Pretty much every Disney children's movie since 2019/2020 has featured LGBTQ content.   

    For now, watch out for the following titles:

    > Lightyear, Disney

    > Luca, Disney - undertones, subtext, not outright 

    > The Mitchells vs The Machines, Netflix

    > Onward, Disney

    > Rapunzel's Tangled Adventures

    > Zootopia, Disney

    From Wikipedia: "Byron Howard, director of Zootopia and Encanto, mentioned in the Fusion documentary Imagining Zootopia that he is openly gay and has been married since 1988. The film Zootopia features gay couple Bucky and Pronk Oryx-Antlerson."

    > Strange World, Disney 


    This list is far shorter than the ones above. I thought it's only right to applaud the few shows that haven't caved to the bullies of the gay agenda. 

    There are a ton of classic shows and cartoons that do not include LGBTQ+ content, but this is just a list of new shows without LGBTQ+ content. The few, the brave!

    Please comment below if you know of other shows I should add to this list. 

    > Bluey, ABC Kids

    Thank you, Australia, for holding strong and creating great, family friendly content. 

    > Chip Chilla, Daily Wire (Ben Shapiro) 

    Some of even called this a Bluey rip-off. I don't know. What do you think?

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    1. Please add Dino Ranch, Paw Patrol, and Jurrassic World Camp Cretaceous to this list.

    2. Remember God's truth: love; ...the greatest of these is love. We are called to love.

      1. Do not be confused: God's Law is to love people and hate sin

      2. Loving people and excepting their sin are two different things, sin should not be pushed onto our children, we need to fight for the right to live free.

    3. Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts

      1. Respect means different things to different people, all people do not think the same but all people know in their hearts what is right and wrong, most choose whatever benefits them or causes others to agree with them because no one wants to admit their wrong.

    4. I thought god wanted us to respect each other no matter how much we sinned and you’re over here using Christianity as an excuse to be homophobic and transphobic. Where exactly in the Bible does it say to be disrespectful towards these communities and to not treat them equally?

      1. Where does the Bible instruct us to denounce sin and communities centered on sin? The better question is where does the Bible NOT say this.

        Here's a good one, though, Revelation 18:4-5:

        Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people,
        lest you take part in her sins,
        lest you share in her plagues; for her sins are heaped high as heaven,
        and God has remembered her iniquities ..."

      2. There is a reason why God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Chris or Eve and Samantha dude...And remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Yeah God destroy the city...God does want us to respect each other and treat people equally, but God also want us to use our brain to love each other in a correct way...

      3. Yeah God does forgive us if we sinned and that if we REPENT! Jesus died for our sins, yeah that is correct. He cleanse our sins, but that doesn't mean you can just do sins all over again intentionally, that's just disrespectful towards God mercy and you clearly want to abuse that power for your own selfishness...Wake up...

    5. Replies
      1. You're way of thinking is messed up jan2, 2024 at 10:08

    6. It's funny how you say shows "sneak" alternative lifestyle themes in, when in reality they are just there. There's no need to sneak when it comes to facts about how the world is. And "because it makes my sky daddy mad" isn't a good reason to make children ignorant to the real world.

      1. "The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so."

      2. Who said anything about being liberal, or politics at all for that matter? I'm just not pro making kids ignorant. And I'm certainly not ignorant enough to be convinced to follow a two party system designed to keep the public divided. A hormone riddled indecisive mind of a teenager is not a medium to learn about all the things that you are so scared to reveal to them. I mean, unless you just want to pour gasoline onto the fire of rebellion...

      3. Oh and "they know so much that isn't so" .... That's literally the concept of blind faith...

      4. Attempting to brainwash kids into thinking that the LGBTQ lifestyle is normal -- and not extremely harmful -- is making kids ignorant to reality. My kids know about all the above and helped me spot a fair amount of the horrible content catalogued above.

    7. Thank you for making this list. You will want to add Ada Twist, Scientist Season 4 Episode 11 to your list. It shows two men getting married and kissing.

      1. Thanks! Added. Special thanks for providing the season and episode -- that's a huge help!

    8. Princess Power on Netflix also has a gay couple. Two kings that are raising a daughter.

      1. Thanks! I think I already have this one. You're talking about She-Ra?

      2. Got it! Princess Power is added, as is She-Ra, Princess of Power ... wow, that's a dose of Marxist power politics for kids :(

      3. Just added Not Quite Narwhal, too. Thanks for the tip!

    9. "Transformers: EarthSpark," which is an animated series that debuted on
      Paramount+ and Nickelodeon last
      November, introduced a new nonbinary Transformer named Nightshade, who
      uses they/them pronouns, and a human character named Sam, who uses she/they pronouns, according to clips from the show.

    10. Thank you for your tireless work in compiling all this information. As an adult, I found your site while searching "why Netflix sneaks in the LGBT in Season 2 or 3 after they hook viewers in season 1" This bait and switch happens in books post 2016, film, and media and lists of such "art" is hard to find. My new guide for people is, type in the book or digital art and add LGBT. The promoters are all too happy to let the world know if it meets their agenda. It may take time to search everything that way, but that and sites like yours are invaluable!

      1. You're welcome. That is exactly right. The bait and switch is definitely happening. That Google trick works - I'll second that

    11. Please add Firebuds to this list. The young girl who pretends to be a paramedic, Violet, has 2 mothers. Unfortunately not quite sure which season it is but it might’ve been so from the very beginning.

      1. Just added - thanks for the tip! Yup, the trouble started in Season 1, Episode 4.

    12. As a Muslim mom of a 7 y/o I thank you very much for this list !!

      1. You're welcome! I'm thankful we stand together on this issue.

    13. Thank you Scott for compiling all of this. I'm going to say it. "I miss the good old days!" When we watched shows and didn't play "which one is the homosexual".
      I just think it's all sad now. These are all fictional shows depicting fictional homosexuals who are fictionally happy. What is more baseless and incorrect than that?

      1. It's amazing how the flat, unrealistic, and "state-sponsored" the gay plotlines are for that reason. The shows dare not depict any bit of sadness or dysfunction in a gay household. For a culture craving authenticity, this must be jarring.

    14. This was so helpful! Thanks so much! Just got these all blocked so my daughter can safely watch!

    15. Hello thanks for this, can't stand all this gay/tranny bullshit propaganda. Add nickelodeon "danger force" to this. Shame because the original "Henry danger" was free of all of this. I wish there was a law that stated any gay/tranny topics should be listed before the show started like how they do with violence, language ect so parents could decide what they think is appropriate for their kids and we don't have to go down the censorship route.

      1. I completely agree - there should be parental advisories for gay or, as they say, "alternative lifestyle" content.

      2. And thanks for the tip on Danger Force / Henry Danger ... adding now

      3. Wow, just updated with a Henry Danger & Danger Force section ... that show is really gay.

    16. Thank you for this. I've been looking for a list like this since we can't even trust cartoons to be family friendly anymore!

      1. You're welcome! Yeah, gotta check everything these days, from cartoons to Halloween candy ... wow

    17. I really appreciate all the people standing up to your misguided ideas about the lgbtq community. I feel bad for you as you are misguided in your thoughts about lgbtq people. God created everyone and so God created lgbtq people for a reason. That reason was to teach misguided people such as yourself that being LGBTQ is NOT a sin. I have always been told to stand up against unjust things like racism and homophobia so that is what I am doing. I'm sorry that you feel this way about lgbtq people and I hope you think better of your choices.

      1. If I'm *misguided* by the Catholic Church, the Bible, and Natural Law that LGBTQ lifestyles are sinful and intrinsically disordered, what authority is *guiding* you that LGBTQ lifestyles are NOT sinful?

    18. On Netflix there is a show called Battle Kitty. 2 men making out, the cat is a male with a big pink bow, and more. Once I noticed it, I turned it off.
      Can you make a list of SAFE shows with possible age ranges? It's getting near impossible to find something for my toddler and my tween. Both age groups are being brainwashed.

      1. A safe list! That's a great idea! Thank you. Give me some time, but yes -- mission accepted :)

    19. Why is Spidey and Friend (I assume Spidey and His Amazing Friends) on the list? That section further down is empty. Specific episode?

      1. Thanks! I just added a write-up on Spidey & His Amazing Friends ... I really love Spiderman, too :(

    20. Replies
      1. Do you know which episode? I know my kids have watched it, and I really liked that one. I didn’t realize that type of content was in there.

    21. Movie on Disney+: Strange World!! I was so excited to see this movie, because the previews looked like it would be a such great, family movie. Within the first 10-15, honestly probably wasn’t even that long, the son goes outside to meet his friends after talking to his dad. One of the boys got him a copy of a game that he missed camping out for on the day of release. The moment they showed the boy that had the game, the son was looking at him like he was in love. And I looked it up, the son is in fact openly gay. As soon as I saw that look, I had to pause it and change the movie. My daughter was so confused as to why I did it, but I couldn’t even tell her in my moment of shock.

      1. you did good sir [thumbs up]-- without you, if she had seen that movie, she would have turned to the dark side within seconds. pray she doesn't realize who they are yet. once she does there's no stopping her

    22. A couple to add from Disney Junior:
      Young Jedi Adventures


      1. Yes! For Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures, season 1 episode 2, the character Nash has two moms who are shown cheering her on during her race

    23. Big Hearts Belong

      1. big hearts are for STRAIGHT people ONLY!!!! how dare the gays try to TAKE our hearts from us!!! what do. they want us to have? SMALL hearts??? i think I wiLl not. they can keep their shrivled hearts and STOP trying to take our love filled hearts from US!!!!!!! (US-- which is the GRATEST country in the world that we will DEFEND from the evils they want our children to cry about!!!) they will not!

    24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    25. Pinkalicious and Peteriffic season 4- features a same sex couple moving in

    26. Work it out wombats- lots in this one

    27. Pinkalicious on PBS kids season 4

    28. Creative Galaxy - Season 3, Episode 4: Taking Care of Splatter
      Jackson has 2 dads.

      The series is already on your list, but this is an additional episode that wasn’t included.

      Thank you for taking time to compile this list!

    29. Thank you so much for this list.

      1. You're welcome! Thanks for protecting your kids!

    30. Very subtle. But Spidey and His Amazing Friends | S3.E7 | Journey Through Zola/Villaintines Day
      Episode aired Jan 26, 2024

      Two guys are giving each other valentines. They call each other 'bro'. But I have my doubts they are actually brothers.

    31. Thanks for making a “shows to watch with my kids so they don’t become weird and homophobic” list.

      1. Be a better parent -- protect your kids from mental illness, instead of exposing them to it and normalizing it. That's a quick way to screw up your kids.

    32. Anyone who spends this much time looking for LGBTQ+ content is clearly deeply closeted. It’s really sad that God’s name is being used to not only spread hate, but to make people hate themselves.

      1. Agreed. God is up there, shaking her head in disappointment at this list.

      2. "We hate sin by recognising it for what it is, refusing to take part in it, and condemning it as contrary to God’s nature. Sin is to be hated, not excused or taken lightly. We love sinners by showing them respect (1 Peter 2:17), praying for them (1 Timothy 2:1), and witnessing to them of Christ. It is a true act of love to treat someone with respect and kindness even though you do not approve of his or her lifestyle or sinful choices."

        All this list is about is making sure parents like me are aware of the sin disguised as something normal, sinless. It's not about hating the sinners, as the quote I posted: we as Christians love the sinners and want to help them get out of the sinful lifestyles they have.

    33. Please add Miraculous LadyBug from Netflix to the list. A character who is a girl has a girlfriend and most of the characters are part of the lqbtq title. Thank you for making this article, i came across your article while on the search for clean shows for my child.

    34. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to make this list. It's so important to guard our small children's hearts until they're old enough to fully understand the complexities of conversations such as these. And able to fully comprehend the idea of love the sinner, hate the sin.

    35. Just came here to thank you so much for this list. I’m in my late 20s with a three YO and a 1 YO and I was beginning to think there weren’t any shows without these themes in them. Thank you for making this list!

      1. You're welcome! Thanks for protecting your kids. I wish a list like this wasn't even needed.

    36. Pinkalicious on PBS kids has a character with a gay dad! We will no longer be watching that show!

    37. Thank you so much for this. Please know your work is greatly appreciated.

    38. Pinkalicious. The new girl has two dads.

      Episode: The Kendra shuffle/ Team Song (in the Team Song segment)

      Thank you for this forum. I noticed the dads today on Pinkalicious and it was very a few quick snippets and if I had not been paying attention I may not have caught it. This lead me to looking for this type resource. We limit screen time but I use it typically while making dinner or cleaning up so it’s sad I can not even put on PBS without double checking it first.

    39. Kiya and the Kimoja Heroes- the sibling main characters have 2 moms.

    40. Hey! As a married gay man (legally married to a man!) raising a family, this list was really helpful to find great content to share with our kids. Despite the really weird, sad, scary hate you’re pushing here, our life is great. Our kids are so kind and generous and fun to be around (part of it is that they are learning there’s no reason to hate anyone) and we just have so much fun expanding our understanding of the world by learning about all types of people. One thing I’ve learned- people that spend a lot of time calling other people “bad” are not people that fill my life with more meaning. Hope that when your kids realizing there is a more fun way to be alive (hint that it has to do with spreading less hate) tHey still want to be around you. True cringe there, feel like you’re going to have some regrets as you pass up to those storied pearly gates.

      Can’t wait to watch the cartoon with the two men getting married, omg, they kiss on the lips?! They must love each other. Scandal!

      1. Respectfully, you just wanted to be seen idk if you thought it would make us upset or not but it didn’t, you could’ve just took the list and went on about your day but you felt the need to comment ..interesting anyways God Bless

      2. I’m a democrat & straight, but I also came to get recommendations on shows to put on for my children!

      3. Yikes, praying for your children. "Gay adoption is child abuse" - Pope Francis

    41. Hey you should add Dark crystal the main character is in a lesbian relationship with the second main character and she has two dads, and you’re right it’s so hard finding forums and sites like these, I just want to search “cartoons and shows without lgbtq” but all google does it bring up sites that have lgbtq I find myself searching up the show I’m interested in watch and if it has lgbtq in it.

      1. Yeah, I was sad about Dark Crystal. Big fan of the original! I don't know - does that count as a children's show? What do you think?

    42. Why is Luca on the list?

      1. There are two women, the ones that end up being sea monsters by the end of the movie, that are together a lot. It’s never mentioned in the movie, but they seem to be a lesbian couple

    43. Add Vida the Vet from Netflix to the list! Vida has two fathers

      1. I came here to say the same thing! I was totally caught off guard and quickly blocked it from my child's profile.

      2. How do you block content on Netflix!? There are tons of things I’d feel safer having completely blocked

    44. God teaches acceptance, and LGBTQ+ folks are innocent but pushed away, bullied, discriminated and more, by some people. LGBTQ+ people are like Jesus.

      1. Sure, we ought to see Jesus in everybody, but that doesn't mean we embrace the poison a dying person is drinking, much less give the same poison to OUR CHILDREN

    45. Please add Vida the Vet Netflix, main character has two dads

    46. May god forgive you for preaching hate against his children and help guide your kids towards love and hope
      many prayers scotty

      1. Happy Easter. Hate is normalizing deviant and destructive behavior to children. My kids -- our kids -- need to be protected from this plague of sin that leads only to eternal death. This is love, properly ordered to God's eternal law and natural law.
        I will pray that you are freed from praying to false gods.

    47. I don’t know if it’s been added, but Muppet Babies season 3 episode 19: features gonzo dressed as a princess.

    48. THANK YOU FOR THIS! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ I'm sending this to everyone I know.

    49. Can someone certify whether or not bluey includes any sodomite character or plot, please?


      1. I watch Bluey with my kids, and so far so good. I’ve heard that Chip Chilla, made by Ben Shapiro, is a conservative version of Bluey

      2. I will say they seem to not be Christian. They talk a lot about Mother Nature etc

      3. So far Bluey has been on the safe list. Please let me know if you hear otherwise.

      4. Unfortunately Bluey now belongs on this list. In the new 30 minute long episode “The Sign”, in the classroom Pretzel mentions his “mums” plural

      5. It may be a grammatical error for the two mums, but I don't know. We will just have wait and see.

      6. I have heard both sides. One say that it isn't and one saying that it is. We will need the creators or someone who works on the show to confirm, but I hope that is just grammatical error; however, anything like this these days may always lean one side. I hope I am wrong this time.

    50. I was looking for tv series to watch with my old mom and I couldn't find anything without wild sex or always always always some gay affair that was not necessary, and I found this page. It's very hard even to find advices on the internet. Thanks

      1. I know it! I'm surprised I haven't been shut down yet.

    51. As a Muslim mother of three little boys, I thank you for this list. May God bless you!

    52. Vida the Vet on Netflix

      1. Added! Thanks! Remember that show My Two Dads? Back when you would just assume the two dads (or the three dads in Full House in San Francisco!!) were straight?

    53. You are a god damn piece of shit, you think just because shows have LGBTQIA+ Characters in it that they are “pushing an agenda”, NO YOU FUCKING MORON, they are doing this because just like how some kids have straight parents, some have LGBTQ+ parents, and they deserved to be represented, no matter what you and your homophobic stupidity believes. And also, there’s no evidence of gay marriages being short-lived, considering Rupaul has been married for OVER 30 YEARS! So what I’m saying is…just give these shows a chance and maybe…just maybe, you won’t be such a anti-LGBTQ+, Homophobic, sad, pathetic, fickle as, piece of dog shit

      1. See Exhibit 1 above of the kind of people pushing this gay agenda. This person has given us an example of how not to be, to act. Let's give them an example of a better way.

    54. Please add Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City! It has a lesbian couple (Aunt Praline and Kiki Keylime), non binary character (Raisin Cane), transgender character (Banoffee), 2 gay couples (Lime Pops and Fluffy Chiffon and Bananabee and Mr Mangosteen), and many of the episodes have LGBT centred storylines
      It is currently streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Family Junior, YouTube, and TinyPop and has aired as recently as April 6, 2024

    55. Thanks for this list. It's very thorough. As a lesbian mum, with a young daughter I've found this very helpful.

    56. Thank you! I was using another review site. Fully trusted it. All to my dismay, I guess I confused it with another site or as a sister site. Anyway, it didn't let me know anything related to woke ideology. I, ME, THE PARENT should be able to decide. That's what you've given me. (Ex. Luca, doesn't bother me. I get why it's here, but I can explain those relationships benignly. But that's my choice to approach it that way. Another mom/dad has the choice to X Luca in their home.) Thank you for pouring energy into a voluntary list. You could do be doing 1000 other things, so Thank you.

    57. As a mom of 3 under 5, I thank you so much for this list. I have a lot of blocking to do tomorrow. I wish there were more safe shows. You should do a blog on indoctrination books. Library's do not feel safe now a days

    58. Sadly Bluey has joined the ever growing list with their latest episode.

      1. I don't know. I know many people have said it was mums, but the child may have meant one mum. I have heard people say it was this conforming it, and have gone to change the wiki and report on it it; however, I don't know. I hate to see if it were to come to that, but I am hoping it was just some type of dialect that made it sound like that. We will just have to wait and see.

    59. Thank you so much for this list!! My 3 kiddos (4, almost 2, and 1 week old) and I really appreciate the hard work and effort you put into this list. It is so helpful!!

    60. Netflix cartoon Mech Cadets features a female mechanic dressed as a male. Not sure if that counts.

      There was also a repulsive cartoon called Harvey Street kids on Netflix. I think they changed the name.

      Also Star Wars episode 9 - the lesbian kiss at the end. We were watching during family night and that scene was so quick that everyone missed it - except me and my 7 year old daughter. And she asked us did anyone just see two women kiss? Effing demonic monsters Disney has become. I canceled Disney plus the next day.

      Cars 3 also has the lesbian bus winking at Cruz Ramirez. The bus is voiced by a lesbian actress. And even Cruz Ramirez makes what sounds like a lesbian reference in the scene where she’s naming her tires.

    61. Maybe we should start a movement to edit movies , remove the unnecessary sexual parts (straight and gay) from all kids movies, and re-release them under a family safe banner.

    62. Thank you for this list. I don’t have any children yet but I have little ones with my family and I will be sharing this list to their parents so they can be aware and whenever I’m babysitting I’ll be sure to make sure they are not watching any of this stuff.

    63. Add The Proud Family to the list too

    64. Bluey has now changed introducing lgbt content in 2024

      1. Yes, I was about to comment this also. Bluey is no longer an LGBT free option. Thanks for sharing

      2. Got it. Bluey added. That's so sad ... the Bluey blues :(

      3. I hope it isn’t because that show is so wholesome, but anything no a days slips it in without noticing. I hope I am wrong.
        Also you need to add rock, paper, scissors on nick. One of the aliens is gay.

      4. Same I really hope Bluey hasn’t gone woke but rather it a regional dialect or that they didn’t pick up but with Disney it is probably true. I hope we are wrong about it, but let’s see what happens.

    65. Eureka on Netflix
      Parents should note that despite no egregious content in most other episodes, the 13th episode of Eureka!, titled “Dippling Rivalry,” reveals that one prominent character has two LGBT moms.

    66. Add Bea’s Block on Max. One of the main characters has two Dad’s

    67. Could you update the list of cartoons that are safe without LGBT?

      1. That's a great idea! Could you please provide me a starter list?

      2. Here are some. Cuphead show. Chowder. Class of 3000. Little Einsteins. Any of the shows on Bentkey. Wild kratts. Zig and sharko. Dinotrux. The backyardigans. Regular show. Ed Edd and eddy. Growing up creepie.

      3. The ones above are safe for kids. I looked at Dinotrux and I haven’t seen anything woke on it. Hotel Transylvania movies and series are safe.

      4. Awesome! You really came through. Thank you!

    68. Thank you so much for this list. Sometimes I feel like the only parent in the world who exercises discretion over what my kid watches.

      I have to point out, though, that Bluey just switched sides. It's just referential dialog so far, but that may change in the future.

      1. You are not alone! The LGBTQ bullies just want you to feel alone (without any note of irony). Bluey added, sadly.

      2. Let hope it was just regional dialect but I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see

    69. Well not a complete surprise, it is on Disney + after all. Baymax Season 1 episode 4, Mbita. Maybe there is more, but the kids are not watching that show anymore. Unfortunately parents have to watch with kids to see if shows are appropriate. Thanks for the list!

    70. It's truly disturbing to see how you pervert the Lord's teachings. You cry out that there is some shadowy group trying to indoctrinate children and sneak in messages. You claim to be a theologian but you do not preach God's love. You preach human hate and blaspheme by claiming it is the will of God. Jesus touched leper's and surrounded himself with the lowest of society. Instead of trying to help those who are marginalized or oppressed you, like a pharisee, degrade them and call them abomination while claiming your own moral greatness.

      You will likely say "Love the sinner, hate the sin" if you bother to reply at all. But I see no love for the sinner. We are all sinner's, how dare you decide your sins are lesser than others and judge them on it?

      There are true issues of faith in the world, the open corruption of the Russian Orthodox Church and it acting as a rubber stamp for a dictator, the dwindling numbers of the faithful because men like you preach only anger and hate and intolerance, the famines present throughout the world and the lack of clean water many have. Addressing any of these would be the work of real Christian.

      I would also question your reading comprehension if you believe that Dune, a book where the main culture interacted with is based on the Muslim Bedouin, and is very clear in how Paul is no hero, with the sequel covering his genocidal crusade across the universe, and what follows is thousands of years of tyranny by his son. How you see a Messiah in that and not an example of a foreigner manipulating and using others to fulfill his own goals, essentially being the Anti-Christ, is baffling to me.

      1. (1) Lol, the sequel is literally entitled Dune: Messiah. Just because Church and salvation history is being treated negatively doesn't negate Church and salvation history being the core of the story.
        (2) LGBTQ is the perversion. Let's get this "straight". Normalizing these perversions is deadly. It's satanic. Christ came to free us from that kind of darkness.

      2. (3) You haven't noticed this, but churches teaching the Truth regarding the evils of LGBTQ ideology are expanding rapidly right now. Churches teaching tolerance are going extinct. God is growing the good and pruning the bad. It's beautiful to watch the growth, but sad to watch all these radicalized liberal groups self-destruct.

      3. (4) Thanks for reading multiple articles :)