The Eucharist and The Sandlot (Fr. Brent)

Babe Ruth and the Bread of Life Homily by Father Brent Maher  ( [photos added by the host,] Readings for Sunday, May 29 (Corpus Christi Sunday)   Genesis 14:18-20 Psalm 110 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 Luke 9:11-17 The year was 1962. Scotty Smalls had just moved to a new home in Los Angeles and was looking to make some friends. He found a group of neighborhood boys, but was unfamiliar with the game of the baseball that seemed to consume their free time. He soon began to be introduced to America’s favorite pastime as the boys played on a local field. One day the boys were playing when a hard hit knocked the cover right off the ball! They were amazed but also upset because it was their only ball. Scotty  said, ‘I have a ball!’ and ran home to grab the ball set upon his father’s shelf. He came back and, because of the gift of the ball to the team, was given first chance to bat. He hit the ball as far as he ever had; right over t Read More May 31, 2016