Where is Purgatory in the Bible? The Complete Guide

I once heard a priest being asked about Purgatory. This priest had just retired from the University of Notre Dame theology department where he had served as a tenured professor. He was asked whether Catholics still believed in Purgatory. Do you know what he said?  He completely affirmed the Church's teaching on Purgatory in the most breath-taking way imaginable. His answer left us all emboldened to spread the Gospel. The priest's answer was rich in references to the Bible. Most of all, he left with us an abiding hope for the future and a foretaste of Heaven.  Actually, the priest's answer wasn't any of those things . But it should have been. It could have been. Want to know what the priest really said? "Closed for Repairs." He said that, theologically speaking, the doctrine of Purgatory was a darkened building with a sign hanging on its front door. The sign read "Closed for Repairs."  This answer couldn't be farther from the truth. Here i Read More July 16, 2018

The "Good Wine" of the Wedding at Cana: What's "Wine on the Lees"? Is the Bible Anti-Alcohol?

Why does the steward at the Wedding at Cana praise the "good wine"? Did you know this fulfilled a Messianic prophesy from Isaiah? And from Moses?  Is the Bible against drinking alcohol? Is the wine at the Wedding at Cana non-alcoholic, as some Protestants argue? Ever heard of "wine on the lees" or aging wine "sur lie"? This is where your Catholic knowledge can inform your wine knowledge and vice-versa.   Jesus turns the water to wine at the Wedding at Cana, right? This is his first public miracle and will be connected to his "last miracle" before his death on the Cross.  We remember Jesus turning the water into wine, but what comes after?  The Wedding at Cana: The Testing of the Wine There was a very significant scene after Jesus turned the water into wine.  Do you remember the testing of the wine at the Wedding at Cana?  The  steward of the feast says something to the bride-groom, i.e. the groom. What does he say?  The Steward sa Read More July 04, 2018