A Tour of Heaven: The Jerusalem Temple and the Tabernacle of Moses

Ever wanted a tour of Heaven? Did you know thousands and thousands of buildings across the world depict Moses' own view of heaven?  I was recently asked to take a youth group on a tour of the Temple in Jerusalem. This is a really cool youth group idea by Sarah Stoehr (pictures of the event to be uploaded).  The only problem is ... The Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed over 2,500 years ago. No pictures, obviously. No archaeological evidence because excavations of the Temple Mount are highly restricted. No problem, right?  It really isn't a problem, though. You see, every Catholic Church building is based on the Temple in Jerusalem. Not only that, the Temple and so every Catholic church, too, is based on the Tabernacle of Moses.  So, you might be asking, what's the Tabernacle of Moses based on? The short answer is Heaven ...     Ever wondered where the holy water font came from? The red candle above the Tabernacle? Or even the Tabernacle, itself? In this article, Read More August 27, 2018

Who Were Isaac and Ishmael? The Origins of Middle East Turmoil

Who were Isaac and Ishmael? H ow could these half-brothers be the source of tensions in the Middle East?  B orn nearly 3,000 years ago, h ow could they still be affecting the world to this day ? What did Abraham do wrong? Why was God's covenant with Abraham sealed with circumcision ? Ouch! Was circumcision chastisement for having relations with his maidservant?  Why does God refer to Isaac as Abraham's "only son"? Why does God not count Ishmael? All these questions are answered below, plus much more! This is part of an ongoing series I'm writing about Abraham and Isaac, including the following articles:  ○  "The Modern Attack on Abraham,"  for which I was interviewed by  Brother Andre Marie on the Veritas Radio Network  - Listen to it  here !  ○  "Did You Know Isaac (at the time of his sacrifice) was NOT a Little Boy?" " Only  Son Isaac" - WHO was Isaac?? God tells Abraham: "Take your son,  your onl Read More August 11, 2018