Please Oppose Louisiana's SB 162, the Commercialization of Surrogacy

I'm submitting the following opinion piece to The Baton Rouge Advocate : Please urge the House of Representatives to vote against SB 162, which would legalize commercial surrogacy and contract pregnancy in Louisiana—the so-called “renting of wombs.” This legislation represents a profound attack on the dignity of women, as well as all human life, as such surrogacy necessarily involves the willful destruction of human embryos and threatens the structure and sanctity of the family. In part due to the controversial “Baby M” case of 1987, Louisiana has long held a public policy against this, and this policy must continue . On May 8, Kathleen Sloan of the National Organization of Women (NOW) and Jennifer Lahl, President of the Center for Bioethics and Culture, penned an open letter to theLouisiana House of Representatives urging their rejection of SB 162. They wrote that the “inevitable consequence of this legislation is that it turns women into exploitable commodities through Read More May 19, 2013

The Baton Rouge Gosnell

Gosnell: Tip of the Iceberg? by Janneke Pieters [] BATON ROUGE, La. — As the trial of Kermit Gosnell drew to an end, someone who had received little attention was Gosnell’s former boss, Leroy Brinkley. Brinkley is the owner of the Atlantic Women’s Medical Services abortion facility in Wilmington, Del., where Gosnell worked. Brinkley also is the owner of the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge, La., an abortion business with a deeply troubled past, as well as facilities in New Orleans. Now, there is substantial evidence that a situation resembling elements of the Gosnell case existed for years at the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge, although the state Department of Health and Hospitals said the facility has improved its operational standards following a 2009 inspection. Despite a documented history of injured and dead women — as well as allegations of illegal distribution of narcotics, hiring un Read More May 10, 2013