Romero's Still Makin It Happen

Check out this article written by my old novice brother, Sean Salai SJ, that was published on Busted Halo: It seems like the Archbishop has been busy in heaven. Those who sought to end his political life only succeeded in immortalizing it. heh. heh. Salvadoran politics have been stamped with his indelible imprint. Success may finally come to the liberal party there. Read More September 10, 2008

Turkish Delights and Cruise-tology

The more things change the more they stay the same. As I was trolling through Drudge this morning ... France charges Scientologists with fraud: Turkey evicts Orthodox Christianity, well almost: It was a strange study in contrasts, these two articles. On the one hand, you have a religion (I use that term loosely) founded by a sci-fi writer in the 1950s. On the other, you have the Patriarchate of Constantinople. It was also founded in the 50s, the zero-50s AD by Andrew. Andrew who? The Apostle. You know, Peter's little brother? A French judge is taking the Scientologists to task and trial for selling a French woman a Hubbard starter pack. The Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan, and all those who have preceded him have slowly stripped the Patriarch of all power and lands. Bartholomew I isn't even Read More September 09, 2008