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The ObamaCare Vote

Story developing ...

It looks like Landrieu's vote has already been bought. The language giving $100 million to "major disaster" states [read: Louisiana] has already been adopted into the bill.

The Louisiana Purchase: $100 Million Payoff to Buy Sen. Landrieu's Vote...
Is it 49 Republicans + Lieberman + Landrieu = 51 that oppose ObamaCare? Is there some reason that Obama wouldn't be content with a 50-50 split vote with Biden deciding and Landrieu crumpling? Hey, Biden, aren't you Catholic? Not for long ...

No. Correction: it's 58 Senate Democrats + 2 Senate Independents = 60 votes to move the bill to full debate. But I thought Lieberman would fight the debate motion with a philibuster ...?

Wow ... this is getting really interesting. Can Reid get the 60 votes to take ObamaCare to full debate?

Here's the (Far) Left's take on the Landrieu buyout, from the Daily Kos: Right spreads false rumor that Reid "buying" Landrieu's vote by ProgressiveSouth

White House at odds with bishops over abortion
Isn't it amazing how influential the Catholic Bishops are? Don't give in, your emminences!!

Joe Lieberman slams public option, brushes off critics
I CAN'T WAIT FOR A LIBERMAN PHILIBUSTER!! Is he gonna go through with it? Will he get the opportunity? Liberman, this would be your life's mitzvah.

More on Landrieu (and Senators Lincoln AR and Nelson NE):
Senate Health Bill's Progress Hinges on Two Southern Dems
Okay, so my previous math was wrong. If the Dems can just get the bill to the Senate floor for debate--barring a Lieberman philibuster--they'll have enough votes to pass the thing.

If you'd like more information on Catholics and Health Care Reform, here are some pretty good summaries and statements:

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