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Complete List of Best Catholic Apps

Check out these TOP Catholic apps for the iPhone and Adroid. Basically everything you could want out of a Catholic app is available for FREE. It's good to be Catholic! 

The following is a section of The Catholic ManBook. The ManBook is a practical guide to authentic, Christ-like masculinity. Among the many helpful parts of the ManBook is this list of Catholic apps for your iPhone, Android, etc. 

Please comment below if there is a particularly good Catholic app that you think deserves inclusion on the list!

1. Laudate [FREE] 
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If you have room for just one Catholic app, this is the one. It has most everything: Daily Readings, Saint of the Day, Liturgy of the Hours, Order of the Mass, Rosary and Chaplets, Examination of Conscience for Confession, and all your other Catholic Prayers. It’s almost as good as this book! Basically all the other apps in this list are contained within this one, except for a translation of the Holy Bible, which VerseWise (below) give you.

Here are some extra visuals of the Laudate app, which is generally agreed to be one of the best Catholic apps available:

Laudate basically has all the functions you need and it's free. So there's that. Looking for a complementary set of Catholic apps? With iBreviary, below, along with Laudate and a Bible app, you've got the tool set to become a Saint. Let's call this the Holy Trinity of Catholic apps. 

2. iBreviary [FREE]

Another good Catholic app, this one is from FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students): “[O]n top of eliminating the need to carry your breviary around with you all the time, it also cues up the prayers for the day, eliminating the need to coordinate ribbons and flip back and forth in a book.” This is a good Catholic app for quality prayer time!

3. VerseWise [PAID]

Best Bible App! The Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition (RSV-CE) is highly recommended. This particular Bible translation is the closest to the original text, and it shines in this app. It’s highly searchable, copy-and-pastable, and well-organized.

“Truth & Life” is another good Scripture app and/or Catholic scripture app.

From “Interactive features of this Catholic app help engage you in the process of making a good confession from examination of conscience to absolution. If you are new to the sacrament or have forgotten how to make a good confession, this app provides gentle and encouraging help every step of the way. It is designed to make the process easy for you by providing a comprehensive examination of conscience with large check boxes for items you wish to confess. Your choices (and any text you type in) get distilled into a separate Confession Guide for you to take into the confessional to walk you through everything you need to say including your Act of Contrition. Large font makes it easy to read in the low light setting. Feel secure knowing no data is stored to the phone hard drive or to the internet. The really cool part? After confession, you get the satisfaction of being able to hit the “Erase My Sins” button and watch your check marked sins removed from the temporary cache in the phone or tablet–a technological symbol of what just happened to your soul!”

This is a good Catholic app for sacramental purposes.

Image result for covenant eyes app

5. Covenant Eyes [PAID: subscription fees]

This is an app to help shield yourself from the scourge of pornography. Here’s a description from its maker: “This app is an Internet browser for users of Covenant Eyes Accountability and Filtering. It is designed to replace Safari." 

"If you use Accountability, sites that you visit using this browser are monitored and reported on your Accountability Report. If you also use the Covenant Eyes Filter, sites will be blocked based on your Filter Sensitivity Level and your custom block/allow list.”

Honorable Mentions: (1) iPieta [PAID] which has an amazing library of Catholic resources and spiritual writings; (2) Catholic Mega App [FREE]; (3) Catholic Church App [FREE]

I hope you enjoyed this list of Catholic apps! Please comment below with your own favorite Catholic app:

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