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The Greatest Verse in the Bible

I'm going to tell you the greatest verse in all of Scripture. You might be saying, how could he even say that? How could there be a "greatest" verse – isn’t that supremely subjective? Just a matter of opinion? I don’t think so.

In one verse, God makes known His entire plan of salvation, his entire plan for all of human history. Not only that, he does this at the very beginning of human history. This one verse demonstrates that God is the Lord of all history.

Everybody has their favorite Bible verse, right? I know there are a number of people who would claim John 3:16 as their favorite: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life." It's hard to compete with that one, right? Or, Psalm 23, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." Surely, the greatest verse in Scripture must be between those two, right? No, I don't think so. 

Jesus Christ is the Word of God incarnated as a human person. Christ is, Himself, the sum total of Scripture and much, much more, besides. I imagine that every time Jesus spoke, all of eternity echoed in his voice. You could and still can hear all of Scripture in every word that comes from Jesus's mouth. 

So, then, does the entirety of the Word ever appear in a single verse? 

What Would It Take to be the Greatest Verse in the Bible?

The early days of the Christian Church, those first few centuries after Christ, have been called the Age of Miracles. These were the years Saints Peter and Paul and the first few generations of Apostles were traveling around the Roman world, even the entire world, and converting the masses. In those days, the primary modes of credibility of Jesus’ Church were (1) prophesy and (2) miracles. 

There is one verse that, by itself, shows the Age of Miracles is not for a time, but for all time. This one verse is miracle and prophesy combined

How could one verse be the greatest in all of Scripture? Only if that one verse was the greatest prophesy of the greatest miracles of all time. 

Can One Bible Verse Contain the Entire Gospel?

This one verse would need to contain all of the Gospel message in itself. Not only that, this one verse would need to have told the entire Gospel story long before it even happened. How long? Would a hundred years be enough? Five hundred? How about fifteen hundred years? Or more? What if this one verse was a part of the oldest story known to man? 

Only a verse which could do all those things could rightfully be called the greatest verse in all of Scripture. And this verse does. 

Not only that, to be called the greatest, this one verse must be a very powerful tool for evangelization. If it contains within itself the two primary modes of credibility, namely prophesy and miracle, this one verse would be very powerful indeed. The mere existence of this verse, if it is the greatest in all of Scripture, ought to generate conversion after conversion. 

How Could One Bible Verse Do So Much?

But how could one verse be and do so much? Because this one verse is the Word of God, who was made flesh within the Virgin. All of Scripture is the Word of God, but this one verse is God’s own Word on the subject. 

In this one verse, God, Himself, speaks the Word, the Gospel itself, to all mankind through our first parents. When God spoke this one particular word it was the Word, Himself, in embryonic form. When God spoke this Word, both simultaneously and thousands of years into the future, the Immaculate Virgin was conceived and she conceived in her womb. 

Yes! When God spoke this Word at the dawn of history to our first parents, Adam and Eve, our new parents, Jesus and Mary, were conceived. This one Word of God – ancient to us, but not to He Who Is – was both the conception of the Immaculate Virgin and the conception of Christ within her womb. 

Lastly, this one verse is the greatest of all because it is the very Word of God that brought about “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, the Gospel. God never just prophesies. As great as Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel were, God is no mere prophet. God brings about what He prophesies. God writes history with His Word. 

So, what were these words that gave the Word to Man? Click here to find out

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  1. wow, THAT was unbiblical. Jesus is the ONLY sinless one. Mary sinned, she needed the Savior. Mary was decreed by Yahweh to be the vessel, which is all she was. a clay vessel to do the will of God.
    UUMMMMM "Jesus and Mary, were conceived."??!!

    Jesus created Mary. Jesus is eternal. Jesus was there before Adam and Abraham, or have you not read? WOW this is bad heology.

    1. OK let's take a look at ur suggestion ,, you say God was their for all eternity you would be right so if he created Mary how could she be he's mother ,,, you would agree that Jesus is the new Adam,,, the old Adam we will focus on first ,, you would agree that eve came after Adam ,,agree ,,, you would also agree that eve became the mother of all the living wouldn't you ,, so eve is the mother of all sinners you would agree ,,, so since Adam is one of thoose sinners wouldn't that confirm eve became the mother of Adam,,, to explain this verse and denying eve her motherhood of sinners including Adam would be contradicting the bible ,,,,now the Bible confirms this ,,, now let's have a look at two verses in the bible on Mary's behalf ,,, you say she a sinner ,, are you saying the bible says something it dosint ,,,no where in the bible those it say Mary was a sinner ,,,she rejoiced in God her savior now let's focus on thoose who believed their saved they rejoice in God their savior even tho they claim to be saved already , so couldn't Mary be rejoicing in God as her saviour as the bible says God can preserve you from sin , I'd rejoice if I was preserved from sin and still call him my savior wouldn't you ,, now the first eve over being the cause of sin ,, God promised he would give women birthpains ,,, but the new eve the mother of the new Adam the bible tells us their crys of labor pains ,,, and would you agree she had a virgin birth ,,, with still no labour pains and remained a virgin after Jesus was born and for brothers and sisters in the bible ,, Mary had a sister but not a blood sister her name was Mary two do you actually think their be two sisters called Mary and for brothers Jesus appeared to 500 brothers they weren't he's blood brothers were they ,, and apostle James the Lords brother ,, their only 12 apostles two James one of their father names was alphonsus and the other Zachar none of them were Joseph who you claim to be the father of James ,,,