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5-Bullet Friday

Dear Friends,

Here's 5-Bullet Friday -- what I've been enjoying, reading, pondering over the last week and where I've noticed God's fingerprints. 

Prayers I've been saying - We're selling our house, dear old "Honey House", and we need some intercession. Our standby is the Novena to St. Joseph. We use this one from EWTN. I'm not gonna lie - it's pretty long! But it's hard to beat for meditative value. There's also a St. Joseph Novena printed in The Catholic ManBook

Article that's got me thinking - I came across a note this week that said, not only did St. Thomas the Apostle make it to India, but perhaps even farther. The Jesuits encountered an ancient legend among the Guarani Indians in South America about Pai Tome, who visited them and preached the Gospel. What if Saint Thomas crossed the Pacific in the First Century?? Wow! Here's a related article, "Whatever Happened to the Twelve Apostles?"

Project I've been working on - I'm putting together a book and DVD on Mary. The working title is "What You Need to Know About Mary, But Weren't Ever Taught." Please take a second to check out this survey that will be help me figure out what you want to see in this book.

Resource I've been using - As I write this, I'm about to go to midday Mass and Confession. The Laudate App for iPhone, etc. is still the best. It has the Examination of Conscience that I'm using right now to prepare myself. Also, check this out if you're looking for the best Catholic apps. 

Quote I've been pondering - From Saint Josemaria Escriva, who is always good for a good quote:

Hope you've enjoyed this! Let me know below in the comments if this helped you or you have something to add. 


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