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Requiescat in pace (RIP), Charlie Gard - 5-Bullet Friday

Dear Friends,

Here's 5-Bullet Friday -- what I've been enjoying, reading, pondering over the last week and where I've noticed God's fingerprints. 

Prayers I've been saying - Please join me in praying for the repose of the souls of little Charlie Gard, as well as a sweet girl, Ava, a family member, who finally succumbed to Rett Syndrome this morning. I noticed in Charlie's baptism photos which came out earlier this week that Baby Charlie was wearing a St. Jude medal (see below), so let's also ask for St. Jude's and, now, Charlie's intercession for other infants and unborn children whose parents are faced with similarly difficult situations.

Idea that's got me thinking - Faith & Works: "The great divide between Catholics and Protestants." Here's a great primer on the differences and similarities from Catholic Answers. Here's a thought-provoking statement from the Council of Trent: “none of those things that precede justification, whether faith or works, merit the grace of justification. ‘For, if by grace, it is not now by works, otherwise,’ as the Apostle says, ‘grace is no more grace’” (DJ 8, quoting Rom. 11:6).

Project I've been working onI'm putting together a book and DVD on Mary. The working title is "What You Need to Know About Mary, But Weren't Ever Taught." Please take a second to check out this survey that will be help me figure out what you want to see in this book.

Resource I've been using - Whenever I need to search through the major works of the Church Fathers or want a solidly Catholic encyclopedic article, I use the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia online. Its front page also has a Drudge Report-like set of news stories, which is usually really good.  

Quote I've been pondering - I'm preparing for a series of presentations on Mary that I'm giving in Baton Rouge, and I realized I hadn't added this quote from St. Irenaeus, which is amazing

Hope you've enjoyed this!


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