Jerry Seinfeld Gives Great Pro-Life Argument

I couldn't believe my ears! It's been TWENTY YEARS since Seinfeld! It's been two decades since Kramer burst through Jerry's door. Basically forever since Junior Mints, Mulva, Bubble Boy, and the Soup Nazi.  

And now, Seinfeld's not just back, but remarking on abortion? "Really?" 

Suddenly, once again, Jerry Seinfeld has a TV show. Netflix recently added the Crackle network's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Though it's not a Netflix original, the streaming giant once again it has perfectly calibrated its heat-seeking missiles to the warm and fuzzies of my childhood - Fuller House being another warm mug of happy thoughts

Not that Seinfeld's new show has always been easy to watch. As I've come to expect from Netlfix and Hollywood in general, there's still been plenty of anti-Catholic, virtue-bashing content. 

And then Seinfeld went for a coffee with one of comedy's most militant atheists ... GULP ... Ricky Gervais.  

Here's one of many anti-religion tweets Gervais has spilled over the years: 

Please pray for Mr. Gervais, who created the British version of The Office. Despite being a brilliant and successful comedian, he clearly needs much more help than can be provided by a cup of coffee. [Nothing against the soul-lifting powers of coffee, mind you]

Seinfeld had already discussed many things over a cup of coffee with major pro-abortion figures like former President Barack Obama and Bill Maher, so I was preparing myself for the Gervais episode. 

"I've got a bad feeling about this ..." 

And then, Seinfeld does something completely unexpected!

Seinfeld did something that never happens when pro-abortion advocates are spouting off on TV. Jerry asked what should have been asked.

Check it out below ... 

Here's the transcript I prepared from Episode 14 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix (C1:E14, Season 1 - Episode 2 originally) just before the 8 minute mark:

Gervais spends most of the episode complaining, hilariously, about Seinfeld's choice of car for his episode. At one point, Gervais compares the experience to being pulled along behind a truck in a tin bathtub.

At one point, they begin talking about abortion. Seinfeld had just finished describing Gary Gilmore's last words before the death penalty was administered were "let's do it."

Ricky Gervais responds, "I really think the death penalty's too depressing to even think about. I don't ... I mean, I don't agree with it, but ... The state can show that sort of form of violence."

Seinfeld asks, "Well what about abortion? Do you agree with that?"

"Yeah, but that's different, isn't it?"

"I guess you can just arrange things the way you like them," Seinfeld responds in an almost sinister tone. "When you're rich, famous, like you."

"Yeah, unlike you," Gervais answers, as Jerry doubles over laughing. "... Who's just a guy with an old car, going along the highway, laughing maniacally, 'cause someone feels they're about to die."

Gervais concludes, "I should've said 'let's do it' when I got in this car."

[the exchange occurs just before the 6 minute mark
in the YouTube video above - just before the 8 min
mark on the Netflix version.]

Did that really just happen? 

Seinfeld did so much with just a few words. What a powerful connection! 

Seinfeld didn't just make a coherent argument against abortion. He provided the Catholic position. Say what you will about the Catholic position - "pro-life from womb to tomb" - its internal consistency is undeniable. 

ALL human life has dignity. How can a person be rabidly against the death penalty and passionately for abortion? Convicts should be spared the death penalty and not Innocents? That position is simply incomprehensible. 

Seinfeld said all of this - or maybe he just appeared to - in a one-liner

And Gervais' response was perfectly flaccid: "Yeah, but that's different, isn't it?" Flimsy flabby flim-flam - these are more words to describe Gervais' response. 

"Yeah." Gervais actually agrees with Seinfeld for a millisecond before receding petulantly back into the car's seat cushions. Ha! 

And Seinfeld's next set is just as good ... 

In an Inspector Clouseau-esque interrogational tone, Seinfeld snears: "I guess you can just arrange things the way you like them ... when you're rich, famous, like you." 

Right on, Seinfeld! You can just re-arrange reality when you're rich. You can straight up contradict the principle of non-contradiction when you're famous. Logic and gravity can be simply dismissed like a bad personal assistant ... when you're a celebrity. 

It was like a line from George Costanza:

If only Seinfeld had added one of these:

I hope you enjoyed reading about this spontaneous upwelling of pro-life eloquence. 

Have you been pleasantly surprised by other celebrities making the pro-life argument, whether intentionally or not? 

Please comment and share below!


  1. Thanks for posting this - I had passed on that episode, knowing Gervais is a militant atheist.

    1. Yes, sir - I definitely understand that sentiment. I still can't believe it went down like that. I can't remember exactly, but there may still have been some anti-God content.