Who Was Abraham? The Modern Attack on Abraham

The typical depiction of Abraham as a poor desert nomad is likely completely wrong .  The archaeological and even the Biblical evidence presents a very different picture.  It is possible that Abraham was actually a much more interesting and important figure,  even before  he forever altered the course of world history. You're not likely to hear this part of Abraham's story, though ... Modern academics are trying their best to minimize and fictionalize every aspect of Abraham's story. Read below how archaeological evidence actually supports the Bible's account of Abraham. Rather listen to this article? I recently did an interview with Brother Andre Marie on the Veritas Radio Network on the "Modern Attack on Abraham" - Listen to it here ! This article covers all of the following topics: ○ When Did Abraham Live? When was Abraham born? ○ Modern Attack on the Timeline for Abraham and the Exodus  ○ Another Modern Attack: Is the mention of ca Read More May 29, 2018

Did You Know ... Isaac Was NOT a Child?

Imagine Abraham and Isaac. Imagine the man that God called to sacrifice his son. What does this man and his son look like? What if I told you that our mental image of Abraham and Isaac is  seriously  flawed? What about Isaac? How old is he? He's just a young boy, right? What if I told you that Isaac was  not  a little boy?   Not only that, did you know that some people accuse the Bible of endorsing child sacrifice ? This is all based on fundamental misconceptions about Isaac, which we will unravel together below.  [This is part one of a series of articles on Abraham & Isaac and how they prefigure Jesus] We will go over the following topics in this article: (1) the age of Isaac; (2) Isaac was not a child sacrifice; and (3) Isaac was a willing sacrifice.  The Age of Isaac One of the first questions I asked was this: How old is Isaac?  Picture him. From our years in Sunday School and Children's Church, we are taught that Isaac is a child, are we not?  Is Read More May 08, 2018