St. Joseph & Advent: Lessons on Catholic Fatherhood from St. Joseph

What does St. Joseph teach us about fatherhood? What lessons can St. Joseph give us about navigating our families through adversity? St. Joseph navigated his family through hell and back: an 80-mile journey on the back of a donkey, labor and delivery in a stable, the death warrant of a king, and another journey through the desert into Egypt? That's a lot of pressure! If St. Joseph could manage all that, he can definitely help families navigate all the spiritual obstacles  of the modern world.  I was recently interviewed by  The Catholic Commentator  about St. Joseph and Advent. Check it out below: How St. Joseph deals with perceived infidelity Q: St. Joseph receives the disturbing news that his betrothed is with child before they live together. As many men may have done in the situation, he could have reacted with a “surface assessment” of infidelity and put Mary through public humiliation, shame and even death. How does Joseph set an example of calmness and humili Read More November 29, 2018

Top 5 Most Anti-Christian & Anti-Life Insurance and Financial Companies

Are you inadvertently buying life insurance to an anti-Christian company? Are trusting your life savings and retirement to an immoral company? Are you worried that your money might be accidentally supporting abortion? Check out the list of top anti-Christian life insurance and financial companies below. Be careful where your money goes! None of us want to invest our future in a company without a conscience. No good can come from this, financially or otherwise.  There's something terribly ironic about an anti-life life insurance company, isn't there? The following list will help you avoid contributing to this irony.   This is an article I wrote in partnership with another great site: . Check it out! Here is your list of anti-Christian and anti-life insurance and financial companies. The rankings of offenders is based on size and influence. Please be sure to comment below if the list is missing any particular malefactor. ​ #1. Aetna -  Ill Read More November 12, 2018