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Ukraine, Russia, & The Virgin Mary: Why 9/11 Happened on 9/11, The Winged Hussars and History's Greatest Cavalry Charge, and The Miracle of the Vistula

I was recently asked to pray for Ukraine and Russia at an ecumenical prayer vigil, so I put this prayer together ... then made a webinar about it. Check out the video below

What I found in my research was shocking. It was startling just how many times the Blessed Mother had interceded in history to prevent Europe (Christendom) from collapsing.  

Now, for the ecumenical prayer vigil, I just referred to the Virgin Mary as a "Divine messenger" or "mysterious message in the sky." 

However, all the non-Catholic pastors asked afterwards, "What was the in the sky?" I was happy to tell them, "The Blessed Mother!" They were very gracious to she, who is "Full of Grace."  

Webinar Recording of Ukraine, Russia, & The Virgin Mary: Why 9/11 Happened on 9/11 and History's Greatest Cavalry Charge(s):

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In putting this together, I was also great inspired by this great video from Fr. Chris Alar, MIC

Here is the text of the talk, if it helps. 

Ukraine, Russia, and the Virgin Mary: The Last Charge of the Winged Hussars

Here is the transcript, more or less, of the recording: 

Let us pray in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Heavenly father we ask you send the holy spirit down upon us 
to renew this land and renew the world, 
Let the Holy Spirit come upon these lands especially of Ukraine and Russia 
and let there be peace

Jesus said that mankind will not have peace until man turns with trust to your mercy
lord please see all those here and around the world, 
we are turning to you with trust 
in your mercy please bring us peace

Ukraine was first consecrated to Mary in 1037 AD, a thousand years ago,
One of the very first nations ever to be consecrated to the Mother of God
In 1985, Ukraine’s church leaders consecrated the nation to Mary again,
Pleading for God’s help and freedom from Soviet oppression,
Shortly thereafter, in 1989, the Berlin Wall came down 
Shortly thereafter, in 1991, Ukraine was given its freedom and declared independent
History has shown us that God moves,
The Blessed Mother responds, 
when Russia and its neighbors, Ukraine and Poland, are involved,
That much hangs in the balance when Russia tries to spread its evils

We pray for God’s help, the way he aided Ukraine and Ukraine’s neighbor, Poland,
Poland, where even now Ukraine’s war refugees are fleeing,
Poland, who, with Ukraine, are the two most religiously observant nations in all of Europe, 
Poland, who God aided in 1920 at the Battle of Warsaw, 
Or as it’s known to history, the Miracle of the Vistula River
When a mysterious sign appeared in heavens
And the Russians fled in terror.
Poland and Ukraine were to be the first victims of Russian communism,
But God prevented it

In 1917, Vladimir Lenin’s Red Army conquered Russia,
But Lenin was not satisfied,
Lenin looked upon the world and wanted more,
A World Communist Revolution, 
As if the devil himself had spread out before Lenin all the nations and the principalities,
If Lenin would just bow before the devil,
And bow he did.  
Lenin knew if his world revolution could just spread to Germany,
A great people, a proud people, Germany,
bowed, disillusioned, humiliated following her defeat in WWI,
Lenin knew Communism would take root in Germany,
As it later did in Eastern Germany,
And together Russia and Germany could conquer the entire world,
Think about this,
What if Russia had been Germany’s ally in WW2?
What if Russia had been an Axis power, instead of an Ally? 
Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao – all fighting together?
What power on earth could have stopped 
Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Communist China all united? 
AND What if this possibility is still before us?

Lenin just needed to get to Germany
Only Poland and Ukraine stood between Lenin and Germany,
Between Lenin and a worldwide communist revolution …

So Lenin looked to the world 
And decided Poland and Ukraine would be Russian Communism’s first victims,
Poland had so often been history’s victim, even history’s joke
Poland had not even existed as a nation for 123 years. 
Since 1795 it had been divided among Germany, Austria, and Russia.
Divided and conquered, 
divided and conquered 
throughout history,
And yet enduring, Poland, the Poles, persevering, surviving,
Because of her faith in God

So with the Red Army bearing down on Poland,
On May 20, 1920, 
Outnumbered 10 to 1,
No one came to help Poland, 
Britain sent Poland a telegram, encouraging her to surrender
Prime Minister Lloyd George told the British Parliament 
that Poland had to accept “her fate.”
Poland stands alone in 1920,
Just as Poland stood alone at the Battle of Vienna on September 11, 1683,

>> Make no mistake, my friends,
Islam attacked the World Trade Center, 
those towering symbols of Western Civilization on September 11, 2001,
Because September 11, 1683 marked the furthest advance of Islam into Western Civilization,
When the Muslims besieged Vienna, at the heart of Europe

In 1683 as in 1920, 
Poland stood alone,
None of the other European countries could send aid,
But Poland stood with God

King Jan Sobieski of Poland rode out with his Winged Hussars to save relieve Vienna,
Sobieski rode out from the shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa
Sobieski mounted his horse at the August 15, the Feast of the Assumption
The Winged Hussars, 
The deadliest cavalry unit in world history,
Were about to lead the greatest cavalry charge in world history, 
The same cavalry charge that would one day inspire J. R. R. Tolkien’s 
Ride of the Rohirrim.
3,000 men arrayed in wings, like God’s own avenging angels,
Leading 15,000 more men on horseback 
Sobieski and the Winged Hussars rode onto the battlefield on September 12th,
Their battle cry was a hymn to the Mother of God,
The hymn is the Polish national anthem, 
the most ancient national anthem in the world
A loose formation, that gradually tightened and tightened and tightened
Singing the name of the Blessed Mother
They routed an army of 150,000 Muslims
The Muslims panicked and fled 
as their non-Christian worldview came crashing down
And Islam never again threatened Europe. 
Pope Innocent credited the victory to Mary
And established the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary 
to forever commemorate the Miracle at Vienna

Now, it’s 1920 …
Poland is again outnumbered 10 to 1,
200,000 Communists against 20,000 Poles,
Poland again stands alone, 
But again Poland stands with God

The entire country turned to prayer and adoration
Eucharistic processions were being led through the streets of Warsaw
Cardinal Achille Ratti, the future Pope Pius XI, himself led a procession, 
Heedless of the Soviet shells raining down on the city.

On August 15, the ragtag Polish army
Again going to battle on the Feast of the Assumption
Backed by an entire country at prayer,
Every man, woman, and child, who wasn’t on the battlefield was in church praying,
Holding all night vigils 
History documents all this,
An entire nation at prayer,
Fasting, praying, prostrating themselves before God

The Red Army, like the blood-turned Nile,
Streamed through the city of Warsaw, 
The keystone to all Eastern Europe, to Germany, was Warsaw 
And Warsaw was on the brink of collapse

But a whisper began to echo through the streets of Warsaw,
Something was happening, 
A sign in the heavens, a divine sign,
God’s own messenger was appearing above the city,
And the Red Army was fleeing in terror,

The atheism of Communism, 
Where God is the state, 
The worldview of communism all came crashing down, 
When a woman appeared in the heavens
Light was streaming from a formidable woman standing in the sky
She was holding a shield in one hand
The shield was deflecting the shells fired at the Poles back at the Bolsheviks!
But the Blessed Mother was not alone,
She was leading the last charge of the Winged Hussars
The Winged Hussars stretched across the sky, flanking the Blessed Mother
The Hussars had returned.  

The Russian soldiers, the Bolsheviks, 
As they fled in terror, 
They told witnesses about the terrible woman in the sky
Eyewitness accounts were streaming in from across the battlefield, even ten miles apart
One Bolshevik said, “You we are not afraid of. But we will not fight with her.”
History records all this, 
Hundreds of eyewitness accounts from both sides
Lenin himself said that his army suffered an enormous defeat,
Which he could not explain,
Godless men can never explain God’s miracles - 
And Lenin stopped his plans for the world communist revolution

Now, again, the world is at the brink, 
Abortion, in some places up to birth; redefining marriage, divorce
Again, Russia is at war 
Again trying to get through Ukraine 

We are told, if Russia continues to deny the Son of God, 
“If there is a not a return to Christianity for Russia,
There will be a third world war and the whole world faces ruin”

We must pray and do penance 
We must make reparations for the sins committed by our brothers and sisters without Christ
Pray like you’ve never prayed before
As Mary said at Fatima
“If we do this, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace,
If not, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world,
Causing wars and persecutions and creating martyrs”

What are the errors of Russia? 
Atheistic communism, materialistic Marxism,
Totalitarianism that redefines Truth 
Communism tell us, there is no God,
The state is god
Without God, there is no protection of human dignity,
Without human dignity, 
We have abortion, euthanasia, suicide, pornography, sex trafficking, 
Without God’s Truth,
We redefine marriage
We redefine gender, sex, manhood, fatherhood, motherhood

With God, 
There is peace  

We pray to God that this wall of protection, Ukraine and Poland, will hold,
Will hold as it held in 1920 and 1683,
We pray for Ukraine as it now stands alone and outnumbered,
We pray that God grant the Miracle at Kiev
as He once granted the Miracle of the Vistula and the Miracle of Vienna.
We pray that Mary will lead one last charge of the Winged Hussars
We pray that the many setbacks and losses Russia is now experiencing are the first fruits of a new defeat,
That this experience will humble Russia, that Russia will consecrate herself to Christ, and her people will turn to Truth.
We pray to God for the world to desire Truth and Peace.
We pray to God that the people of Russia 
That the people of the entire world 
Will convert to Christianity,
Will do penance 
Will discover the Incarnate, absolute Truth, which is Christ. 

For all these things, in Christ’s name, we pray. Amen. 

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  1. Side note: There is a female Ukrainian sniper who is quite successful with present count of 41. I do not presume the patronage of the Virgin but can not help remembering past successful military events that implored her assistance.

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