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St. Lucy of Narnia??

You mean, she's real?? C. S. Lewis wasn't imagining things ... 

Born in the late 1400s, Blessed Lucia (or “Lucy” in English) Brocadelli was actually from Narni or “Narnia” in Latin, an ancient town in Umbria. A pious child, she is said to have received visions from an early age. Following her father’s death in her early teens, she was married off by her uncle to Pietro, Count of Milan, though they lived as brother and sister.

Here is an article about her from the Catholic Herald, as well as the Wikipedia entry.

Of course, we have no idea whether C. S. Lewis had ever heard of Blessed Lucy when creating Lucy Pevensie of "Spare 'Oom" of the land of "War Drobe," but the real Lucy led a pretty fantastic life nonetheless. 

Among other amazing things, Lucy of Narnia received the stigmata and became the prioress of a convent. She spent the last years of her life [read: 40 years of wilderness wanderings] locked up by her successor. Or was it the White Witch?? 

Blessed Lucy died in 1544. By 1710, her body was still incorrupt, and she was beatified by Pope Clement XI. 

A humble and sweet child, who was uniquely perceptive to the voice of the Lion! This could described either the Pevensie or the Saint. 

Blesssed Lucy of Narnia, 
Pray for Us!

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