Interview with Father Josh Johnson about his NEW Book: Broken & Blessed

Father Josh Johnson has a new book out! It's called Broken & Blessed: An Invitation to My Generation . I recently interviewed Father Josh about his book - watch it below. While the book is aimed at millennials, Father Josh says the book is really for everybody. In particular, Father Josh wants to reach "Catholics who are struggling with their faith or have already left the Catholic Church because I want to invite them to hear the story of Jesus again and hear about the story of His Church maybe for the first time." You'll want to hear Father Josh's conversion story. You'll love the story of the guy who tried starting something with a priest in a bar! You'll want to hear about the "game changer" moment when he decided to become a Catholic priest - also the moment he realized that Catholic priests could be black!   We cover a lot of great topics in this interview, but you'll definitely want to get your own copy of Broken & Bl Read More September 21, 2018

2018 House Election Map: How's that Blue Wave Coming?

Are you wondering whether a blue wave is truly coming this election cycle? The Republicans are likely to gain a couple seats in the Senate, but what about the House of Representatives?  It's that time in the election cycle when I get a little nerdy with polling numbers. There are lots of places online that will give you polling numbers and the breakdown: RealClearPolitics , Nate Silver's , and .  It's tough, though, to find one that gives you the House race without labeling all the close races as "toss-ups".  I've put together the following charts to give you the House race without tossups . Enjoy!  Disclaimer: I'm no polling expert, but I am pretty nerdy when it comes to watching the numbers.  Here's how it stands. Democrats have about 206 "safe" house seats. Republicans have about 190. That leaves 39 tossup elections, per RCP . Now, let's break down the toss-ups. Here is the pollin Read More September 18, 2018

The Question Protestants Can't Answer: Where did the Bible come from? The Canon of the Bible

If there was ever a zinger to stump Protestants, it is this question. And it's such a simple question! If all Christians truly knew and understood the history of the Church, our divisions would begin to evaporate.  Where did the Bible come from?  That's it. That's the question every Protestant must answer for himself or herself.  After Tradition of the Church is rejected, the Bible necessarily becomes the basis for every Christian denomination. All Protestants, with the exception of Unitarians (who can pretty much believe whatever they want) and perhaps Mormons, believe fundamentally that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. Many Protestants, such as Lutherans, believe sola scriptura . That is, Scripture Alone.  Ok, great. Where did the Bible come from? More specifically, where did the Bible's Table of Contents come from? Why does the Bible include some books and exclude others?  First off, what's the Answer? Where did the Bible come from? I've Read More September 12, 2018

Life Begins at Conception: All the Science Citations

"Human life begins at fertilization."  -Every embryology textbook ever   Ever needed to defend the statement: "life begins at conception"? Just in case, I've created the following list of quotes and citations from embryology textbooks.  "Life begins at conception" is not, is not, IS NOT! a statement of faith. It is a fact. It is a scientific fact. It is a demonstrable fact. This is not *merely* a religious proposition.   To deny that human life begins at fertilization is to deny science. Plain and simple. But now, with all the references to embryology textbooks below, you don't have to take my word for it.  Cite the science. This is one of the best ways to be persuasively pro-life. First off, What's the difference between Fertilization and Conception? Does Life begin at Conception or Fertilization? Conception involves three distinct phases (1) ovulation, (2) fertilization, and (3) implantation. A new, distinctively human Read More September 05, 2018