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Catholic Conversions: The Little Rascals

Did you know that not one, but at least two of the Little Rascals have converted to Catholicism?

I recently interviewed Zac "still the cutest gif ever" Mabry on my Catholic Nerds podcast. Zac Mabry played "Porky" on The Little Rascals. See what I mean about that "cutest gif ever" part?

Well, Zac grew up, went to the University of Oklahoma, and became a CPA ... "I gotta dollar, I gotta dollar ... the IRS got my dollar." 

Zac Mabry's Fateful Trip to Rome 

Somewhere in there, Zac made a trip to St. Peter's in Rome. He went on the Scavi tour. This is a tour of the bones of St. Peter. Archaeologists discovered St. Peter's bones in secret during the Nazi occupation of Rome. To read about this real life Indiana Jones story from start to finish, check out this great book: The Fisherman's Tomb. Very good book! 

Something amazing happened to Zac during his visit to the ancient necropolis below the high altar of St. Peter's. You can hear the whole story by clicking on the podcast below. Listen to it straight from the rascal's mouth! 

(You might also enjoy Zac's story about meeting one of his Little Rascals co-stars, now-President Donald Trump!) 

Not only that, Zac Mabry wasn't the only member of the 1994 Little Rascals cast to convert! 

You might also remember the actor, Bug Hall, from The Little Rascals. Bug portrayed none other than the lovestruck Alfalfa! 

I like to think of Bug singing "You are so beautiful" about the Blessed Mother now ...

If you'll excuse just one more: Alfalfa traded in that hair spike for a halo :)

Bug Hall's, Alfalfla's, Catholic Conversion

Listen to the Catholic Nerds podcast above for the whole story, but apparently Bug and Zac converted about the same time. Zac and Bug didn't stay close following the movie. They were basically the oldest and youngest child actors on set. 

Nevertheless, Bug liked one of Zac's posts about Pope Benedict XVI. Zac thought Bug was poking fun, but he wasn't. He reached out to Bug and discovered how their two stories had paralleled. 

Zac Mabry: The Roman Circus Podcast

Did you know that Zac Mabry also has his own Catholic podcast? Check out the Roman Circus Podcast- it's great! He didn't just convert, he really converted. On his Twitter profile (@ZacMabry), especially, you will find one of the most lucid, articulate, young voices in the Church today.

I hope you enjoy the article and the podcast. Please remember to subscribe, comment, and share!

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