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Top 7 Times Science Has Proven the Bible

I'm a religious person and have an advanced degree in theology, so people assume I'm completely ignorant of science. I believe the Bible is really, actually true, so I must ride in a horse and buggy, right?

I encounter this mindset all the time, especially in discussions with atheists. Unfortunately for the atheists, this misconception allows me to land punches they never see coming ... in the most charitable sense, of course.

You see, I have been trained in the hard sciences, as well as theology. I hold a degree in chemical engineering. I have also been a history teacher, and the history of science is a favorite subject of mine.

It's amazing how little people know about the history of science, and how little people know about the Church's major contributions to science through the centuries. It's also amazing how people forget the blunders that science has committed in an attempt to disprove the Bible.

Here are the most significant examples of science actually, maybe begrudgingly, proving the events of the Bible, VIDEO version:

NOTE: This list will eventually become a series of more in-depth articles, some of which I have already written. If you want to explore these topics in greater depth - including the explanations of the science involved - you will find the links to the individual articles below.

  1. The Big Bang and the Priest Who Discovered it, Father George Lemaître, Confirm Genesis' Creation of the Universe From Nothing   
  2. Y-Chromosome Adam & Mitochondrial Eve: Is Science Confirming Genesis?
  3. Proof of Noah's Flood in the Black Sea
  4. Abraham & Camels: Archaeological Proof for Abraham
  5. King David's Not-So-Little Kingdom & Abraham's Trading Routes: Confirming the Geopolitical Importance of Ancient Israel
  6. Is Jesus' Resurrection Proven by the Shroud of Turin?
  7. Our Lady of Guadalupe Miracles Investigated and Confirmed Scientifically? 
Plus, here's a bonus article on science confirming religious truths: Life Begins at Conception: All the Science Citations

1. The Big Bang and the Priest Who Discovered it, Father Georges Lemaître

What is unique about the Bible's description of Creation? Apart from all the other world religions and mythologies, the Bible describes the Universe being created from nothing, or ex nihilo. 

Up to the 20th century, scientists believed in the Steady-State Model of the Universe. The Steady-State Model posited a universe in which the stars occupied fixed points in space. The discovery of Hubble flow, red shift, blue shift, and the Doppler Effect changed all this. Science realized the Universe was expanding.

Physicist and priest, Father Georges Lemaître, then posited the theory that, not only is the Universe expanding, but that such expansion in reverse traces back to a single point. The single point was the site of the Big Bang.

Lemaître's theory was dismissed as the "Christian Theory". Even Einstein is on record dismissing Lemaître's theory. Most all scientists dismissed Lemaître's theory. That is, until they didn't. The theory soon gained rapid acceptance and the "Christian Theory" has remained the most prevalent theory to this day for the origins of the Universe.

It makes you wonder, then, if there was a Big Bang, was there also a Big Banger?

Stay tuned! We'll see if science can ever get this far. It only took science thousands of years to reach the truth God gifted us with thousands of years ago. It has been an amazing course of discovery, though.

2. Mitochondrial Adam and Eve: Is Genetics Confirming Genesis?

Did you know there is scientific evidence for Adam & Eve? That is, a common matrilineal ancestor and a common patrilineal ancestor for the entire human race?

First, they said Genesis, Eden, and Adam and Eve were just a "miserable myth". Then something strange started to happen ...

Evidence started to stack up that all mankind originated in the same place: the "Out of Africa" model. Genesis was still just a myth though regarding our common ancestry through Adam and Eve. Then something strange started to happen ...

Genetic evidence started to stack up for a common matrilineal ancestor: "Mitochondrial Eve" or mt-Eve, mt-MRCA. Genesis was still just a myth though regarding Adam. Then something strange started to happen ...

Genetic evidence started to stack up for a common patrilineal ancestor: "Y-chromosome Adam" or Y-MRCA. Genesis was still just a myth though because Adam and Eve were still separated by huge gulfs of time, if not geography and distance. Then something strange started to happen ...

Evidence began to stack up that Adam and Eve may have lived on the planet at the same time. But Genesis was still just a myth because Adam and Eve were certainly not the only humans around at the time and certainly never met. Then something strange started to happen ...

For a more in-depth look at how Genetic science is slowly confirming the existence of Adam & Eve, our common ancestors, here's the link to the full article.

3. Proof of Noah's Flood in the Black Sea

Basically every world religion and mythology includes an account of a Noah-like character and the Great Flood:

Multiple independent, corroborating accounts of a Great Flood? Of course, modern scholars are going to dismiss the idea of a Great Flood out of hand.

While archaeology has not confirmed a flood which blanketed the entire world, it has shown that a flood covered the entire known world of the Biblical peoples. Check out this great video summary of all the evidence found for a worldwide or mostly worldwide Great Flood:

Archaeologists have also found ancient settlements under the Black Sea, proving that the footprint of the Black Sea used to be much smaller ... until a flood happened. 

Read more about the Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis here. And here.

Where did the water come from? This Black Sea evidence is especially interesting because in confirms certain details of the Biblical account of the Great Flood. Genesis 7:11-13 describes the water coming from two places, the deep and the sky:

... all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the windows of the heavens were opened. And rain fell upon the earth forty days and forty nights.

The floodwaters came from the "great deep" - how? This makes a lot more sense in the context of the geological account of the Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis. 

A key component of this hypothesis is that a land bridge separating the Black Sea from the Mediterranean Sea broke apart. This resulted in the Bosporus Strait which now connects the two bodies of water. The breaking of the that land bridge would account for the waters welling up from the deep and "bursting forth". 

Stay tuned! I plan to dedicate an entire article to this archaeological and geological confirmation of the Genesis flood accounts.       

4. Abraham & Camels: Archaeological Proof for Abraham

It's hard to overstate the importance of Abraham in world history. His two sons, Isaac and Ishmael, are counted as the forebears of three of the world's greatest religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. That's half the world's population right there. Wow. 

A couple decades back (and even to this day, unfortunately), modern academics claimed to have disproven the Bible's account of Abraham. They claimed Abraham was just a fictional invention or, at the very least, his impact was greatly exaggerated.

Why? Scholars claimed Abraham was exaggerated to help the Jews make a claim for their lands in Israel. Great. Nothing like a healthy dose of anti-Semitism to give heft to a scholarly argument.

What proof did these scholars have to justify completely re-writing history?

Camels. Pesky camels took down world history ... or did they?

The account of Abraham's caravans in Genesis 24 included camels. "Wrong!" They said.

Unfortunately for Abraham, there were no domesticated camels in the Middle East until the 10th century BC, at least according to one 2014 study. This would mean Abraham's camels were one thousand years out of place.

Can you guess what happened? Archaeologists later discovered artifacts proving the existence of domesticated camels in Abraham's time and long before.

... Proving again what Genesis had told us all along. Hey, maybe not be in such a rush to attack the Word of God next time?

Here is the link to the longer article: Who Was Abraham? The Modern Attack on Abraham.

5. King David's Not-So-Little Kingdom & Abraham's Trading Routes: Confirming the Geopolitical Importance of Ancient Israel

Just like above, modern academics are trying to diminish the importance of Abraham, his legacy, and all of Israel, itself. Israel was just a little by-water among clashing empires, right? Tales of Solomon's riches and David's Kingdom are just Biblical exaggerations, right? 


Recently, a 9,000-year-old Stone Age settlement was discovered near Jerusalem. What does this tell us about the Israel of Abraham's time, some 5,000 years later?

Was ancient Israel truly such a small, unimportant place? If so, why was one of the largest Stone Age settlements ever found located there?

Also, if the Biblical accounts of Abraham's international trade are a hoax, how could there be proof of extensive international trade found in Israel 5,000 years before Abraham even arrived? Check out this description of the artifacts found in the Stone Age settlement:

Other unearthed objects suggest that inhabitants enjoyed trade or contact with the outside world. Sea shells from the Mediterranean and Red Sea were among the discoveries, as was obsidian -- a type of volcanic glass -- from Anatolia, in present-day Turkey.

This clearly indicates that Israel was located on ancient international trade and caravan routes thousands of years before Abraham, as discussed in the article above about Abraham and camels. More on that point, do modern scholars really expect us to believe that these international trade routes through the Middle East were entirely devoid of camels for 5,000 years?

Here is the link to the full in-depth article: Massive 9,000-Year-Old Stone Age Settlement Discovered in Israel: More Proof for the Biblical Accounts of Israel and Abraham.

6. The Resurrection and the Shroud of Turin

There is a great deal that can be said about the Shroud of Turin. For example, when analyzed by military equipment that creates 3-D topographical maps from aerial and satellite photography, paintings render as a messy, distorted, and undecipherable image.

Not the Shroud of Turin! The Shroud renders as a perfect 3-D image of a man's body. 

But how could such an image be created? It would require a great surge of energy. But what in First Century Palestine could have created such a surge of energy? Nothing really, except maybe ... the power of God resurrecting Jesus Christ.

Here's a great video from Dr. Taylor Marshall summarizing how the Shroud of Turn could provide evidence for the Resurrection:

That's incredible! But that's just the "surface" of what the Shroud of Turin can provide, evidence-wise.

For example, image analysis technology has really advanced over the last decades. Instead of disproving the Shroud of Turn's authenticity, the advancements in technology have resulted in the Shroud providing more and more evidence of the Bible's account of the Resurrection.

Analysis of the Shroud using a microdensitometer has resulted in the discovery of the imprints of a death certificate on Jesus' face. Here's a video describing this amazing discovery:

Stay tuned! I plan to dedicate an entire article to this scientific confirmation of the Gospel accounts of the Resurrection.       

7. Apparitions of the Virgin Mary: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Here is a sampling of all the scientific investigations into the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe described in full in this article

Our Lady of Guadalupe's eyes reflect the figures in the room when the image appeared AND at the perfect radius of curvature for a human lens. Satellite imaging expert Dr. Aste Tonsman studied the image using image digitization. On inspection of Our Lady of Guadalupe's corneas, Dr. Tonsman saw a series of people and objects: an Indian unfurling a tilma before a priest, another young man, a half-naked Indian with his lips open and his hands together, pieces of furniture, a ceiling arch, and other details.

The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe should have deteriorated, faded, and turned to dust a long time ago. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe appears on a tilma made of cactus fibers. The natural life span of a cloak made with fiber from the agave or maguey plant is only about 30 years. Despite this (and a bomb blast), the image has remained intact with all its original color and vibrancy for over 475 years.

Dr. Aldofo Orozco, a physicist, said that the remarkable preservation of the cloak of St. Juan Diego on which Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared 478 years ago, “is completely beyond any scientific explanation.” 

That's just a sampling! Here's the full in-depth article on all the miracles of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Any More Times Science Has Confirmed the Bible and Religious Beliefs? Comment below!

Don't forget to share this article using the provided social media icons, plus comment below. Still think this is just hogwash, comment below with your debate points. 

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  1. Interesting. Nevertheless, the Black Sea Hypotheses don't explain the Biblical and anthropological data very well. First, even a massive deluge between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea would not generate enough water to lift an ark 10,000+ ft. in elevation, which is what it would have had to do to match the account of Genesis 8:4, where the ark is said to have rested on "the mountains of Ararat." Second, the timing is wrong. A deluge in the vicinity of the Black Sea would have occurred no more than about 15,000 years ago, during the Late Pleistocene era. The problem is that, according to scripture, the great flood was anthropologically global--i.e., it killed everyone except Noah and his family. It is well established, however, that homo sapiens had already colonized Europe and even the Americas by this time. There is simply no way a flood of the Black Sea during the Late Pleistocene could have been anthropologically global. In fact, any anthropologically global flood would have had to occur *at least* prior to 20,000 years ago. --Frank H.

    1. The flood of Noah's time flooded the WHOLE earth not a specific area