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Exodus 90 Interview with Nathaniel Binversie

Are you ready to LIVE DIFFERENT?? Have you been hearing guys talk about Exodus 90? It's the  ninety-day Catholic program for men. It's centered around three pillars of masculine spiritual formation: prayer, ascetism, and fraternity. 

Also known as the "Cold Showers & Holy Hours" program! 

"For men who want something more than the advertised Christian life."

The Catholic Nerds nerd-out about EXODUS 90 with a developer and author of Exodus 90, currently touring the country in the Exodus 90 tour bus ... Nathaniel Binversie! We go over the history and background of Exodus 90, how to reach men in their 20s and 30s using the "beer garden" approach and challenging men. 

Would you rather listen to this article? Here is the full interview we did on the Catholic Nerds podcast

Exodus 90 Cold Showers: Who's Idea Was That?

Who dreamt up this idea of cold showers? Nathaniel talks about the spiritual originator of Exodus 90, Fr. Brian Door. Fr. Door developed the first list of disciplines as a formation program for seminarians. 

Fraternity: Nathaniel shares some Exodus 90 tie-ins with The Chosen television show. The fraternity of apostles wasn't always smooth sailing. Thanks, St. Matthew!


Why Center on the Exodus?

Why Exodus? Why not the Babylonian Captivity? Or riding on Noah's Ark? Nathaniel describes why the Exodus of the Israelites is especially powerful and relevant for the liberation and purification of men in today's world. 

Every day of Exodus 90 brings a new reading and reflection from the Book of Exodus. Nathaniel wrote nearly all of these himself. He shares with us his insights into this slice of Scripture. 

More Exodus 90 Questions with Nathaniel Binversie:

Nathaniel answers all the following questions in the podcast episode, as well: 

Where is the program going 3-5 years from now? From just the book, to the Exodus 90 App, to ... where? Nathaniel describes the 20 Spiritual Exercise programs that Exodus 90 has developed. And no ... the entire journey through salvation history does not require cold showers. 

Already done Exodus 90 multiple times? Nathaniel Binversie describes the new, 2nd version of Exodus 90 for veteran retreatants. 

Want to do Exodus 90 as father and son? Try the Truth of St. George program!

Is Exodus 90 Only for Catholics?

Is Exodus 90 strictly for Catholics? Exodus 90 doesn't actually include the word "Catholic" anymore, so to present a unifying message to non-Catholics ... without compromising on authentic Catholic masculinity. 

Exodus 90 Goes to Slovakia

Nathaniel's tour through Slovakia: Did you know Slovakia is 60% Catholic? Nathaniel was about to tour Slovakia and export Exodus 90 to our Catholic brothers over there. His also visited the Salesian Oratory of Saint John Bosco.

We love Don Bosco in our family. We even named our new baby, Jude Bosco

Here is a video about another Salesian Oratory of Don Bosco. This one is in Ireland: 

Last Questions with Nathaniel Binversie

And ... if Nathaniel had a billboard to put anything on it, what would he put? He said the following great line:

The gift of God's grace is being given to you. Receive it!

And ... what is the book Nathaniel most often gifts to other people, besides his own book, The Strongest Man I Know? 

Check out the podcast episode to find out!

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