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Virgin Mary E-Course: Mariology Class on New Eve, New Ark, and New Queen

Have you ever had trouble defending the Blessed Mother? Have you ever learned some amazing thing about the Virgin Mary asked, "Why wasn't I ever taught this?" Did you know the Virgin Mary is hidden all throughout the Old Testament? 

I've collected all these "Why wasn't I ever taught this?" moments in one place. I have put together an e-course that will help you defend the Blessed Mother and show you all the places she is hidden in Scripture.  

Here is the course I created to learn about the Virgin Mary, all the amazing things about her, and all the places she is hidden in the Old Testament:

Do you remember the main Covenants of the Old Testament? There were the covenants with Creation, Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and King David. All these lead to Christ. What if I told you they all point to the Virgin Mary, too?

Adam & Eve - that covenant pair is pretty obvious, right? Like Adam, each of the above Patriarchs has its pair, too. Noah and ...? The Ark. Moses and ... Moses' Ark. Moses had the Ark of the Covenant. King David and ... the Queen. These all point to Mary!

Here is an introduction video that I made to help you realize that Mary is actually woven throughout Scripture and salvation history:

How to explain all the Marian Dogmas and Doctrines?

This course helps Catholics understand key concepts about the Blessed Mother and how they are all Biblical:
  • See how the Virgin Mary intercedes for us in Heaven
  • Defend the Immaculate Conception with confidence
  • Discover where in Scripture Mary is identified as "Queen of Heaven"
  • Learn how to effectively defend all the Marian doctrines

I have packed a lot into this e-course. There are OVER SIX-HOURS OF VIDEO CONTENT! Plus, I'll send you the textbook and make myself personally available for your questions. We will cover all the following:
  • The Virgin Mary is hidden throughout Scripture. How does her story connect to the rest of Scripture?
  • If Christ is the Second Adam, who is the Second Eve?
  • What was the Ark of the Covenant? What did it contain? Where is it referenced in the Gospel? What or WHO is the New Ark?
  • What were the features of the Kingdom of Israel and how are these fulfilled in the Kingdom of Heaven?
Each of these is explained in its own TWO-HOUR VIDEO. 

Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee :) 

Have you ever been stumped by any of these questions about the Virgin Mary? 

After extensive surveys, these are the most common questions that Catholics encounter talking to Protestants about the Virgin Mary:
  • Do Catholics pray to Mary? Do Catholics worship Mary?
  • What is Mary so important to Catholics? What's the big deal if she was just a human like you or me?
  • What proof is there for the Assumption? Are we just "assuming" it happened?
  • How could Mary physically remain a virgin if she gave birth?
  • Didn't Christ have brothers?

ALL of these will be answered using the Bible, while opening the Bible to you in huge new ways. 

I have already written extensively on all these topics on this blog, too. Here are a sampling of how to answer the questions above: 

Question #1: Do Catholics Pray to Mary? Do Catholics Worship Mary?

This is an easy question to answer if you know about the Blessed Mother ... of Israel. The Queen of Israel in the Old Testament was the king's ... wife? No! His mother. Read how the Jews knew how to go to the Queen Mother with their prayers

Question #2: What proof is there for the Assumption? Are we just "assuming" it happened?

First off, have you heard of all the other assumptions in the Bible? Several people (and things) were assumed into Heaven in the Bible ... 

I created a whole four-part series about this, which includes a great adventure through the Bible. Here is Part One, which you can follow through to Part Four:

How did you like that taste test? Want more? Just click below and ENROLL NOW:

Virgin Mary E-Course Testimonials 

Want to hear what other people are saying about the course? Here are some course testimonials:

Free Virgin Mary E-Course TEXTBOOK

In addition to ALL the digital content, I will send you a printed copy of my book, What You Need To Know About Mary (But Were Never Taught). The book includes loads of supplementary material and can be used for Bible study groups! Plus, be prepared for surprise BONUS content!!

So what are you waiting for? Enroll Now! And Behold Your Mother!

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