What is the Protoevangelium?

What is the  very   first prophesy  in human history? What or  who  is it about? As you might imagine, it's probably be pretty important. What is the protoevangelium? What's the meaning of the protoevangelium? The Protoevangelium is a single verse, Genesis 3:15 below:  This single verse,  Genesis 3:15 , is called the " Proto- evangelium ," which means "First Gospel." This one verse is the first mention of the Gospel in Scripture, and it occurs right after the Fall of Adam and Eve. Not only that, it's an encapsulation -- the "seed" -- of the entire Gospel. There is a summary of the Gospel hidden right here in this short verse. This means that God knew His plan to redeem all mankind  from the very beginning,  and said so. Not only does Gen 3:15 contain prophesies of Christ, it also provides three distinct prophesies of the Blessed Virgin Mary  that every Catholic should know .  Take a second to think about that.  This was written thous Read More December 14, 2017

The Liturgical Calendar: [Interview] Architect turned Artist & Special Promotion for Liturgical Calendars

Meet Jessica Connolly, Architect turned Artist! Read below about how even something as seemingly mundane as the Church's calendar can draw people to Catholicism. Also, learn about the origins of the Liturgical Calendar and the colors of the Liturgical Calendar, as well as a special this week only promotion  (expires Saturday 12/16/17) for Jessica's handcrafted liturgical calendars! Jessica Connolly, Catholic Mom and Liturgical Calendar Artist I recently had a moment to chat with this Catholic mom about her designs and her conversion to Catholicism:  First off, can you tell us what inspired you to focus your designs on the Catholic Liturgical Calendar? Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about the liturgical calendars I have designed. These have been a huge hit this year and last year. They were inspired by my time in RCIA and my realization that we could blend modern design with sacred tradition.  So you converted to Catholicism as an adult - Awesome! Is th Read More December 13, 2017

Christmas Mass Guide Infographic 2017

Have you noticed the strange timing of Christmas and Easter? Christmas 2017 falls on a Monday, so our families will need to navigate Sunday Mass plus Christmas Mass. Also, Easter falls on April 1st this year -  - April Fools' Day! Another oddity, especially for the chocolate industry, Ash Wednesday falls on St. Valentine's  Day - looks like it's double roses for 2018! Just think of this Christmas' liturgical calendar as providing a second helping of Jesus. Nevertheless, I made the following Christmas Mass Guide to help you and your families plan for the Christmas complexities:  Also, while we're on the subject of Liturgical Calendars , please check out this special sale  a graphic designer friend is offering for her beautiful 2018 Liturgical calendars this week only!  Here's the interview I just posted about her vocation, her conversion, and her artwork. Jessica Connolly, Catholic Mom and Liturgical Calendar Artist Meet Jessica Connolly, Arch Read More December 13, 2017

Errors of Humanism, as noted by Elizabeth Gilbert in "Your Elusive Creative Genius" (TED Talk Transcript)

I was listening to a TED talk recently by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love . Admittedly, I've never read  Eat, Pray, Love or even seen the movie - not really my thing. She asks some fantastic questions, not the least of which is why did Western Civilization think killing off the faeries was a good idea?  Not unlike G. K. Chesterton and other great Catholic writers, Elizabeth Gilbert questions the radical changes in thought that occurred with the rise of humanism in the 15th century. She traces the origin of the artist's psychological burden to the point in history when art became dependent on man, instead of a reflection of God, the supernatural, and the eternal. In short, denying God's influence is killing off our artists!  Read the full transcript of Elizabeth Gilbert's, the author of Eat, Pray, Love , TED talk "Your Elusive Creative Genius"  I've highlighted and annotated some interesting portions below:   Elizabeth Gilbert Read More December 06, 2017

Blessed Bios: Francis Xavier Seelos

Soon, the New Orleans Saints might be adding one more to their number. Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos is gaining plenty of notoriety, and not just here in Louisiana. His cause for canonization should have several miraculous healings to choose from. Miracles seem to be pouring out of his National Shrine on Josephine Street in New Orleans. The shrine, its museum, and St. Mary of the Assumption church are all worth a visit, especially if you or someone you know is in need of a miracle. The life of Father Seelos, as he's most often called, was full of amazing historical confluences for such a uniquely humble man, including encounters with other saints and even President Lincoln. His final days, too, were remarkable for the palpable taste of heaven on earth, an experience which captured the attention of the entire city of New Orleans.  I've also included his intercessory prayer at the end.  Make sure you learn about this remarkable man, so he can intercede for you as he has for so ma Read More November 21, 2017